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Journals and Book chapters
Thangiah S, Petrovič P(1998) Introduction to Genetic Heuristics for Vehicle Routing Problems with Complex Constraints, in: Advances in Computational and Stochastic Optimization, Logic Programming, and Heuristic Search: Interfaces in Computer Science and Operations Research Edited by David L. Woodruff, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Petrovič P, Tino P, Benuskova L(1998) Processing symbolic sequences by the BCM neuron. Neural Network World 8(5): 491-500.

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Petrovič P (2008) Evolving Behavior Coordination for Mobile Robots Using Distributed Finite-State Automata, in Hitoshi Iba (ed.) Frontiers in ER, InTECH, ISBN 978-3-902613-19-6.

Svetlik J, Petrovič P(2011) Vzdelávanie v oblasti modulárnej stavby a konstrukcie objektov prostredníctvom FLL a Robot-Game, International Scientific Herald, vol.2, number 21, part 2, pages 352 - 359.

Petrovič P, Balogh R (2012) Deployment of Remotely-Accessible Robotics Laboratory, iJOE - Volume 8, Special Issue 2: "'11", pp. 31 - 35, March 2012.
International conferences and workshops
Petrovič P: Design and Play in Comenius Logo: A microworld for designing and exploring games(1997). Proceedings to Sixth European Logo Conference EUROLOGO'97.

Lau K W, Tan H K, Erwin B T, Petrovič P(1999). Creative Learning in School with LEGO Programmable Robotics Products. Proceedings to Frontiers in Education'99, IEEE CS Press, pp. 12D4/26 - 12D4/31 vol.2.

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Petrovič, P. (2003) Simulated evolution of distributed FSA behaviour-based arbitration, poster at The Eighth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI'03), Bergen, November 2-4 2003.

Haddow P C, Downing K, Aunet S, Tufte G, Hartmann M, van Remortel P, Petrovič P, Federici D, Eskelund F, Jørgensen K (2002), Complex Adaptive Organically-Insipred Systems (CAOS) Group, poster at 2002 NASA/DoD Conference on Evolvable Hardware.

Petrovič P. (2005) Mathematics with Robotnacka and Imagine Logo, Eurologo 2005, DrukSfera, ISBN:83-917700-8-7, pp. 353-360, August 2005.

Petrovič P., Lucny A., Balogh R., Durina D. (2006) Remotely-Accessible Robotics Laboratory, Robtep 2006, May 2006, printed in Acta Mechanica Slovaca 2-A/2006, ISSN 1335-2393, pp. 389-394.

Durina D., Petrovič P., Balogh R. (2006) Robotnacka - The Drawing Robot, Robtep 2006, May 2006, printed in Acta Mechanica Slovaca, 2-A/2006, ISSN 1335-2393, pp. 113-118.

Petrovič, P. (2006) Getting around in the world - does all navigation require cognition?, poster at 1st Six-Monthly Meeting of euCognition, Vienna July 3rd 2006

Petrovič, P. (2007) Strengths and Weaknesses of FSA Representation, poster, In Proceedings to GECCO'2007, page 723, presentation, ISBN 978-1-59593-697-4, ACM Press.

Petrovič, P. (2007) Program Your NXT Robot with Imagine, Eurologo 2007.
Full paper published in: Hungarologo 2007, XII. nemzeti konferencia a Logo programnyelvroel logo-pedagogiarol, p. 16-27, Budapest 2007, ISBN 978-963-8431-95-0.

Petrovič, P., Balogh R., Lucny A., Weiss R. (2007) Using Robotnacka in Research and Education, poster at Eurologo 2007, presentation.

Plavcan J., Petrovič P. (2007) Direct and Indirect Representations for Evolutionary Design of Objects, EA'2007, LNCS 4926, Springer, 2008.

Petrovič P., Balogh R. (2008) Educational Robotics Initiatives in Slovakia, Teaching with Robotics, SIMPAR 2008, ppt slides.

Zajickova Z., Petrovič P. (2010) Robotic Educational Platform based on Ball Robots (poster), Constructionism 2010, Paris.

Petrovič P. (2010) Constructionism Applied (poster), Constructionism 2010, Paris.

Balogh R., Dabrowski A., Hammerl W., Hofmann A., Petrovič P., Rajnícek J. (2010) Centrobot Portal for Robotics Educational Course Material, RIE 2010, Bratislava.

Nadhajsky M., Petrovič P. (2010) Robotour solution as a learned behavior based on Artificial Neural Networks, RIE 2010, Bratislava.

Petrovič P., Balogh R., Lucny A. (2010) Robotika.SK Approach to Educational Robotics from Elementary Schools to Universities, RIE 2010, Bratislava.

Baran J., Petrovič P., Schoenauer M. (2010) Cellular Automata with Irregular Structure: a Compact Representation, Spatial Computing Workshop 2010 at SASO'10, Budapest, Sept. 27.

Kysel M., Petrovič P. (2011) Learning Robot-Environment Interaction with Neuroevolution, Robotics in Education'2011, Vienna, September 2011, p. 156-164.

Petrovič P. (2011) Ten Years of Creative Robotics Contests, ISSEP 2011, Bratislava. (abstract)

Petrovič P., Balogh R. (2011) Experiences from Deployment of Remotely-Accessible Robotics Laboratory, In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference Experiment@ ('11). November 2011. Lisbon, Portugal.

Petrovič P., Balogh R. (2016) Summer League: Supporting FLL Competition, Constructionism in Action, Feburary 2016, Bangkok, Thailand.

Petrovič P. (2016) Tatrabot - a mobile robotic platform for teaching programming, Constructionism in Action, Feburary 2016, Bangkok, Thailand.

Petrovič P. (2016) On controlling LEGO Education platforms from Imagine Logo, Constructionism in Action, Feburary 2016, Bangkok, Thailand.

Petrovič P. (2016) A New Robot in a Classroom, Constructionism in Action, Feburary 2016, Bangkok, Thailand.

Balogh R., Petrovič P. (2019) Robot League - A Unique Online Robotics Competition Robotics in Education, 2019.

Petrovič P., Vaško J. (2020) An Open Solution for a Low-Cost Educational Toy, Robotics in Education, Vienna 2019.

Petrovič P., Vaško J. (2020) MoKraRoSA: A Constructionist Platform for All Ages and Talents, Constructionism 2020.

Petrovič P. (2020) Pipipgraf: A Device to read charts for the visually impaired, Constructionism 2020.

Petrovič P. (2021) Spike up Prime Interest in Physics, Robotics in Education 2020.

Petrovič P. (2022) Spike up Prime Interest in Mathematics, EDULEARN 2022.

Petrovič P. (2022) Using Microcontrollers for Educational Robotics in Undergraduate University Study Program, EDULEARN 2022.

Petrovič P., Agarshev F. (2023) Spike up Prime Interest in Science and Technology through Constructionist Games, EDULEARN 2023.

Petrovič P., Verčimák P. (2023) Using Programmable Drone in Educational Projects and Competitions, EDULEARN 2023.

Petrovič P. (2024) Real-World Team Projects as Part of the Introduction to Software Engineering, INTED 2024.

Petrovič P., Vojtek J., Vikiszály T. (2024) Spike up Prime Interest in Alternate Ways to Program Robot Sets, EDULEARN 2024.

Ačjak V., Petrovič P., Vaško J. (2024) Generative and Parametric Design in Secondary Education, EDULEARN 2024.
National conferences
Petrovič P(1999) Overview of Incremental Evolution Approaches to Evolutionary Robotics. Proceedings to Norwegian Conference on Computer Science, p. 151-162.

Petrovič P(2000). The Use of Incremental Evolutionary Algorithms for the Design of Robot Controllers. Poster at Studiemoetet Elektronikk og Data 2000, Sandefjorden.

Petrovič P(2001), Solving LEGO Brick Layout Problem using Evolutionary Algorithms, Norsk Informatikkonferanse.

Petrovič P. (2005) Robotnacka pre Imagine Logo, Didinfo 2005, Banská Bystrica, March 17-18 2005.

Petrovič P. (2005) CV4LOGO: Komponent spracovania obrazu pre Imagine Logo, Didinfo 2005, Banská Bystrica, March 17-18 2005.

Petrovič P. (2008) Riadenie modelov a spracovanie udajov v systeme NXT Logo, Didinfo 2008, Banská Bystrica, April 3-4 2008.

Petrovič P. (2008) Pravdepodobnostne riadenie mobilneho robota trénovane evolucnym algoritmom, Kognicia a umely zivot, Praha, 2008.

Petrovič P., Balogh R., Pekarova J. (2009) Roboticke vzdelavacie iniciativy, Informatika v skole a v praxi, Ruzomberok: Pedagogicka fakulta Katolickej univerzity, 2008. ISBN 978-80-8084-362-5. p. 239-248

Petrovič P. (2009) Evolucia stavovych automatov inspirovana metodou NEAT, Kognicia a umely zivot, Stara Lesna, 2009.

Jurco P., Petrovič P. (2010) Lamsfet - Longterm and Multipurpose Storage for Exercise Tasks, Didinfo 2010, Banská Bystrica, April 8-9 2010.

Petrovič P., Onacilová D., Svetlík J. (2010) Skúsenosti s prípravou sútaze v stavbe a programovaní robotov FIRST LEGO League z pohladu organizátora, trénera a rozhodcu, Didinfo 2010, Banská Bystrica, April 8-9 2010.

Hlavacikova J., Petrovič P. (2010) Experimenty s celulárnymi reprezentáciami v evolu¿nom designe, Kognicia a umely zivot, Ostravice, 2010.

Petrovič P. (2012) Výuka programovania pomocou grafických robotických programovacích jazykov pre zaciatocníkov a pokrocilých, Didinfo 2012, Banská Bystrica, Marec 2012.

Kohut M., Petrovič P. (2012) Vzdelávacia iniciatíva RoboCup Junior na Slovensku, poster (full resolution), Didinfo 2012, Banská Bystrica, Marec 2012.

Petrovič P. (2012) Prirodzeny zivot sa skoncil, Kognice a umely zivot, Praha, Jún 2012.

Petrovič P., Balogh R. (2013) Robotika na letnych skolach, Didinfo 2013, Banská Bystrica, Apríl 2013.

Petrovič P. (2015) Jazyk pre specifikáciu pravidiel stolných hier ako základ automatického inteligentného hracieho robotického systému, Kognícia a umelý zivot, p. 141-150, Trencianske teplice, Máj 2015.
Technical Reports
Petrovič, P. (2004) Distributed system for Evolutionary Robotics Experiments, IDI Technical report 05/04, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Petrovič, P. (2005) Evolving automatons for distributed behavior arbitration, IDI Technical report 05/05, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Petrovič, P., Balogh R. (2006) Wireless Radio Communication with RCX, IDI Technical report 01/2006, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Petrovič, P. (2006) Simple Error-Correcting Communication Protocol for RCX, IDI Technical report 03/2006, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Petrovič, P. (2006) Comparing Finite-State Automata Representation with GP-trees, IDI Technical report 05/2006, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Master thesis
Petrovič P (1998) Unsupervised neural networks learning rules, BCM learning rule and its computational properties, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava.
PhD thesis
Petrovič P (2007) Incremental Evolutionary Methods for Automatic Programming of Robot Controllers, Department of Computer and Information Science, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway.
Petrovič P, Mederly P(1995) Computers at MFF UK (handbook for freshmen). MFF UK. (in Slovak)

Petrovič P, Thangiah S(1996) GASTOR:Evaluation Tool for the PGA Pack Algorithm, on-line report.

Petrovič P(1997) Championship of Algorithms: Software Simulation Environment in Java. Student Scientific Conference at Faculty of Math. and Physics, Comenius University, Bratislava.

Petrovič P(2014) TedX Kezmarok - accompanying text for the presentation (utf-8).

In Slovak journal for secondary school teachers of informatics:

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