Zoznam D

Dewey, j. - zoznam diel

Dewey, J. - zoznam diel

The Study of Ethics, 1894

The School and Society, 1900

Studies in Logical Theory, 1903

Ethics, 1908

The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy, 1910

Democracy and Education, 1916

Essays in Experimental Logic, 1916

Reconstruction in Philosophy, 1920

Human Nature and Conduct, 1922

Experience and Nature, 1925

The Quest for Certainty, 1929

Philosopy and Civilization, 1931

Art as Experience, 1934

A Common Faith, 1934

Logic: The Theory of Inquiry, 1938

Theory of Valuation, 1939

Intelligence in the Modern World (výber vyd. J. Ratner), 1939

Problems of Men, 1946

Knowing and Known (spolu s A. F. Bentleym), 1949

The Child and the Curriculum (spolu so School and Society), 1956