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Google Drive folder

All files related to this project can be found in the following Google Drive directory.


The aim of this project is to make a custom pickguard for bass guitar. The pickguard will fit a standard jazz bass. The jazz bass is a certain type of a bass guitar originally created by Fender. For more information check the following web page.

Furthermore, the pattern of the pickguard will be recognized by a mobile phone using augmented reality to display custom content.


The purpose of this project is to customize one's musical instrument and to make it more unique.


The pickguard itself will be cut out of wood and plexiglass. The pattern will be created by using a laser cutter and the edges of the item will be rounded by a CNC machine. The augmented reality part of the project will be realized by using Unity.

Augmented Reality


This part will be realized with the help of Unity 3D engine and with the Vuforia plugin. Vuforia library adds computer vision functionality into the engine. Important feature will be the image/pattern recognition part of the library. After creating a Vuforia developer account, we fill the database with the pattern on the pickguard. To make sure that recognition works in many cases, we upload different versions of the image. Unity supports C# scripting, where we can inject the pattern detection functionality to make application more interactive. What will happen after the patter detection is an open question, will be answered later on.

Usefull links: Getting Started Vuforia Documentation Unity

Vuforia in use


Example 1
Example 2



Guitar 1