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   | evaluation = 100/0  
   | evaluation = 100/0  
   | webpage =
   | webpage =
   | teacher = [[Barbora Cimrova|RNDr. Barbora Cimrová, PhD.]], [[Kristina Rebrova|RNDr. Kristína Rebrová, PhD.]]
   | teacher = [[Barbora Cimrova|RNDr. Barbora Cimrová, PhD.]], [[Kristina Malinovska|RNDr. Kristína Malinovská, PhD.]]
   | email = barbora.cimrova[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]], kristina.rebrova[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]
   | email = barbora.cimrova[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]], kristina.rebrova[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]
   | homepage =,
   | homepage =,

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Semester Project 2-IKV-122

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Course name and code: Semester Project (2-IKV-122)
Prerequisite courses: none
Available in/recommended study year: Summer semester / 1
Form and # of hours/week: LP - laboratory practicals (4)
Credits: 5
Evaluation (semester/exam): 100/0
Course webpage:
Information sheet: 2-IKV-122 information sheet
Teacher(s): RNDr. Barbora Cimrová, PhD., RNDr. Kristína Malinovská, PhD.

Short description:

The student chooses a topic of interest. Semester project can be an experimental work, theoretical work or computational modeling, but it is necessary that the project takes an interdisciplinary view at the chosen phenomenon. The student must demonstrate his/her capability to work independently. At the end of semester, the student will present his/her work at the international student conference organized by the MEiCogSci consortium and will also participate in the peer review process.

Offered in these study programs: Obligatory in Master program in Cognitive Science

Recommendations: none