Master program in Cognitive Science

Read the Description of Master Program in Cognitive Science.

Programme guarantor is prof. RNDr. Pavol Zlatoš, PhD.
Programme coordinator is prof. Ing. Igor Farkaš, PhD.

Blocks of Compensatory Courses
compulsory choice: one block (of two blocks)

  • Compensatory Courses - Artificial Intelligence
2-IKV-101Introduction to programmingFarkaš I. 1/W L2,C2550/50
2-IKV-102MathematicsKohanová I. 1/W L2,P2550/50
2-IKV-103Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive ScienceMarkošová M. 1/W L2,S2550/50
  • Compensatory courses - Psychology
2-IKV-111Introduction to PsychologyČavojová V. 1/W L2,S1550/50
2-IKV-116Methodology of empirical researchKostovičová L. 1/W L2,S1550/50

Compulsory courses

2-IKV-121Introduction to Cognitive ScienceTakáč M. 1/W L2,S1570/30
2-IKV-114Introduction to Philosophy of MindKamhal D. 1/W L2,S2550/50
2-IKV-123Introduction to NeuroscienceOstatníková D. 1/W L3530/70
2-IKV-115Introduction to Computational IntelligencieFarkaš I. 1/W L2,S1570/30
2-IKV-113Cognitive PsychologyRybár J. 1/S L2,S2550/50
2-IKV-122Semester ProjectCimrová B. 1/S LP45100/0
2-IKV-921Diploma Thesis SeminarKAI 2/S C4570/30
2-IKV-910Diploma ThesisKAI 2/S D2070/30

Optional courses

  • Artificial Intelligence, at least 10 credits required
2-IKV-131Representation, Knowledge and ReasoningBaláž M. 2-IKV-103!1/SL2,P2550/50
2-IKV-133Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (2)Markošová M.2-IKV-103!1/SL2,S2550/50
2-IKV-136Computational Cognitive NeuroscienceFarkaš I. 1/S L2,P2570/30
2-IKV-267Mathematical Logic for Cognitive ScienceZlatoš P. * 1/S L2,P1550/50
  • Psychology, at least 5 credits required
2-IKV-141Current Trends in Cognitive PsychologyGál T. 2-IKV-111!1/SL2,S1550/50
2-IKV-183PsycholinguisticsBašnáková J. 1/S L2,S1550/50
2-IKV-143Philosophy of LanguageKamhal D. 1/S L2,S1570/30

Elective courses

2-AIN-123Computer Vision (1)Ftáčnik M. 1/W L2,P2540/60
2-INF-150Machine LearningVinař T., Petrovič P. 1/S L3,P1610/90
2-IKV-184Cognitive AntropologyKanovský M.* 1/W L2,S1560/40
2-AIN-181Evolutionary AlgorithmsMarkošová M. 1/S C2340/60
2-IKV-167Practical Classes in RoboticsPetrovič Pa. 1/S S23100/0
2-IKV-261Logic and Cognitive ScienceŠefránek J. 2-IKV-103!1/SL2,S1550/50
1-AIN-480Neural NetworksFarkaš I. 1/SL2,P2650/50
2-IKV-164Multiagent SystemsLúčny A. 2-IKV-103!1/SL2,P2550/50
2-AIN-501Methods in BioinformaticsBrejová B., Vinař T. 1-INF-3101-2/WL2,P2660/40
2-AIN-109Programming of Parallel and Distributed SystemsGruska D. 1/S L3,P1440/60
2-IKV-181Meaning and CommunicationKamhal D. 1/S L2,S1570/30
2-INF-238Graphic Models in Machine LearningVinař T. 1/S L4640/60
2-IKV-142Philosophy of ActionVišňovský E. * 2/W L2,S1550/50
2-IKV-232Cognitive Semantics and Cognitive Theory of RepresentationTakáč M. * 2/W L2,S2550/50
2-IKV-265Speech RecognitionNagy M. 2/W L2,P2530/70
2-IKV-182Current Theories of ConsciousnessGáliková S. *2-IKV-114!2/WL2,S1550/50 s
2-IKV-233Cognitive LaboratoryRybár J. * 2/W C3550/50
2-IKV-236Grounded CognitionFarkaš I. * 2/W S3570/30
2-AIN-245Judgement Involving UncertaintyGuller D. 2/W C4640/60 s
2-AIN-143Qualitative Modelling and SimulationTakáč M. 2/S L2,P2640/60

Notes: Courses denoted by * are in English, serving primarily to visiting students of cognitive science during their mobility semester (for those, courses 236 and 232 are compulsory); type of the course (K/course, P/lecture, C/exercise, S/seminar, L/lab, X/practice, D/diploma thesis) and number of hours per week; number of credits; form of student evaluation (during semester/exam) in percent; s at the end of line stands for currently suspended course.