Marian Vittek

Institut of Informatica
Comenius University
Mlynska dolina
842 15 Bratislava
phone: + 421 2 60 295 727
e-mail: (without the terminating dot)

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24.4.1966, Piestany, Slovak Republic


  • Diploma ``Doctor of Natural Sciences'' (equivalent to M.Sc.), June 1990, Comenius University, Department of Computer Science, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
  • Doctorat d'Universite de Nancy I (equivalent to PhD.), October 1994, INRIA-Lorraine & CRIN, Nancy, France.

Research Interests

software engineering, programming languages, constraint solving, term rewriting, refactoring

List of Publications

Software Projects

  • Karel-3D (1986 - 90). A children programming language based on Richard E. Pattis language "Karel the robot". I have made the design and implementation of 'PMD-85' version and have participated in three member team (with J. Chlebikova and A. Blaho) implementing 'i386' version: a screen shot.
  • macc, (1990). a YACC implementation with few ameliorations in error handling. This was during the period when I did not understand the importance of industrial standards :-) .

  • Elan, (Elan means "elk" in French) (1991 - 96). A term rewriting language. Project held by PROTHEO group at INRIA-CRIN Laboratory in Nancy supervised by Claude Kirchner. I have participated on the design of early versions of the language and I have implemented its first interpreter, and compiler .
    logo elk
  • Xrefactory (1997 - ). A C/C++ and Java refactoring browser for Emacs and XEmacs. This is my favorite project. Finally, I have got the development tool I always needed :-) .

  • Csolve (1998 - 2000). A constraint solver compiler. I have learned about constraints during my one year stay at Solver team (led by J. F. Puget) in ILOG company and I was impressed by the power and simplicity of this idea. So I have written a small constraint solver mainly for my teaching here at Comenius University. Still hoping that some student will continue in the project.

  • Tom (2000 - ). A Java library (originally also a C preprocessor) for efficient embedded implementation of term rewriting systems. In this project, together with P. E. Moreau and C. Ringeissen from Nancy, we tried to develop a term rewriting engine usable in existing industrial and real life applications. I was there at the beginning, currently, I am just trying to be in touch with this project living its own life :). Tom page.

  • Sglib (2003 - ). A simple generic library for C. This library provides a number of simple yet useful macros for common data structures like heaps, lists, double linked lists, red-black trees, etc. The library is implemented in a generic manner and all its functions are parameterized by types. Sglib's page at freshmeat.