Network boot



Let's automate it

You can use the U-Boot environment variables to automate things with the run command:

U-Boot> echo ahoj
U-Boot> setenv x hi
U-Boot> setenv y 'echo ${x}'
U-Boot> run y
U-Boot> setenv x hello
U-Boot> run y 

Note that we used ' so that the variable x wasn't expanded when we executed the setenv command, but only expanded later, when run was interpreting the contents of that variable.

At startup, if not interrupted, U-Boot will "run" the contents of the bootcmd variable. You can use this to set up your default boot. (Note: bootcmd is already set to some default value that usually tries to boot from first available boot source).

To keep things a bit modular, we will set our netboot and netargs variables that will contain everything needed to boot from tftp/nfs.

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