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Na tejto stránke je zoznam aktuálnych tém diplomových prác zoradených podľa zamerania a školiteľov.

Počítačová grafika a videnie

Silvester Czanner

Téma: An expert system for medical treatment of infants and toddlers with feeding disorders.
Popis: Virtual Reality - Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy (VR-CBT) offers many advantages over traditional treatment for abundance of disorders. It can reduce the length of treatment, reduce relapse rates and is often more effective than traditional forms of therapy. The aim of this project is to develop an expert system for feeding response. The high-fidelity system will be accompanied with several important attributes. The user input will lead to system control outputs. The system will be flexible in sense of infants and toddlers age and will have a user friendly setup for level of difficulties of a child. There will be several validation and performance tests of the system.
Požiadavky: Must be able to program in C/C++.
Odporúčania na predmety: Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Expert Systems.

Roman Ďurikovič

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