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[[Image:demo_grafici.jpg|thumb|High-quality rendering (Sibenk Atrium), from [ projects of Computer Graphics Group]]]
[[Image:demo_grafici.jpg|thumb|High-quality rendering, [ Computer Graphics Group]]]
[[Image:demo_connectionists.png|thumb|RecSOMsard architecture, from the research of [ Connectionist group]]]
[[Image:demo_connectionists.png|thumb|RecSOMsard architecture, [ Connectionist group]]]
[[Image:demo_recognition.jpg|thumb|Hand-writing tutoring system, from research on speech and hand-writing recognition]]
[[Image:demo_recognition.jpg|thumb|Hand-writing tutoring system]]
[[Image:demo_robotici.jpg|thumb|From Robolution summer school on Robotics, 2008]]
[[Image:demo_robotici.jpg|thumb|Robolution summer 2008]]

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High-quality rendering, Computer Graphics Group
RecSOMsard architecture, Connectionist group
Hand-writing tutoring system
Robolution summer 2008


Welcome to the Department of Applied Informatics (DAI) at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University in Bratislava, one of the three informatics departments at our faculty.

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We focus our research efforts in the areas of Computer Graphics and Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, and Declarative Programming.

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