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#[[Course:YACGS/sk|YACGS - Yet Another Computer Graphics Seminar]]
#[[Course:YACGS/sk|YACGS - Yet Another Computer Graphics Seminar]]
//#Suspended [[CG1_2013/en|Computer Graphics (1)]]
<!--* #Suspended [[CG1_2013/en|Computer Graphics (1)]]-->
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{{Column | width = 6 |

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Roman Ďurikovič

Roman Ďurikovič
Name: prof. RNDr. Roman Ďurikovič, PhD.
head of section
Section: Section of Computer Graphics and Vision
Phone: +421 2 602 95 879
Office: i14
Address: prof. RNDr. Roman Ďurikovič, PhD.
Department of Applied Informatics
Mlynská dolina
824 48 Bratislava
Web: [1]


  • Realistic Image Synthesis and Global Illumination
  • Physically based animation
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Implicit Surface Modelling

He stayed with

Was active expert member of

  • Council for Technical Sciences, Slovak Research and Development Agency
  • Council for Doctoral Study on Mathematics and Topology
  • Council for Doctoral Study on Computer Science
  • Research Council FPV UCM, Trnava
  • Research Council FMFI UK, Bratislava
  • Faculty Senate FMFI UK, Bratislava
  • Guarantor of Applied Informatics Postgraduate Study
  • Guarantor of the board of Computer Science, Habilitations and Inaugurations
  • Habilitation and Inaugurations defence committees
  • PhD defence committee on Computer Science
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate defence committee on Applied Informatics, Mathematics and Managment, Mathematics and Computer Graphics


Alumni students of Durikovic group (YACGS)

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