The members of the department participate or participated in the following research projects:

International projects

  • Virtual Heart of Central Europe, EU Project Culture 2000
  • CoLogNET (Computational Logic Network)
  • Optimizing Logic Programs under Answer-Set Programming Paradigm
  • European Science Foundation, project Automatha
  • Reasoning with Dynamic and Inconsistent Knowledge

National projects

  • Effective browser of urban data and their presentation (APVT 20-P05105)
  • Dynamic aspects of knowledge representation from theoretical fundamentals to applications (VEGA 1/13112/06)
  • Logic theory of dynamic and modular knowledge bases (VEGA 1/0173/03)
  • Robotics laboratory with telepresence of the developer (VV_KEGA7 3/2399/04)
  • Environment for specification of multiagent systems (APVV-20-P04805)
  • Computing in network (VEGA 1/0172/03)
  • Non-standard computation models - specification, complexity, security (VEGA 1/3105/06)
  • Modelling complex systems using neural networks with focus on linguistics (2005-2007, VEGA 1/2045/05)
  • Modeling language as a complex system with self-organization (2008-2010, VEGA 1/0361/08)
  • Cognitive science and traditional philosophical theories (2006-2008, VEGA 1/3612/06)
  • Representation of incomplete, evolving and distributed knowledge (in interaction with communication platform) (VEGA 1/0688/10)
  • Constructivist modelling of early cognitive development in a simulated embodied agent (VEGA 1/0439/11)
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