DAI researchers and educators work on a number of scientific, educational, and developmental projects, financed by the European Union, Slovak research agencies, and private institutions.

Current projects

The members of the department lead or participate in the following research and educational projects.

Research Projects

From–to Project title Agency and number Principal investigator
2023–2027 TRAIL: TRAnsparent, Interpretable Robots (consortium) Horizon MSCA DN 101072488 Farkaš I. (at FMFI)
2023–2025 Computational modelling of early development of social skills in human-robot interaction VEGA 1/0373/23 Farkaš I.
2022–2026 MIMEDIS: The impact of media discourse on attitudes towards migration, migrants and migration policy in Slovakia (collaboration with FSES CU in Bratislava and KInIT) APVV-21-0114 Takáč M. (at FMFI)
2022–2026 Trustworthy human–robot and therapist–patient interaction in virtual reality (collaboration with IM SAS in Bratislava and FEI TU in Košice) APVV-21-0105 Farkaš I.
2022–2025 Bioinformatics of pathogens and pangenomes VEGA 1/0538/22 Vinař T.
2021–2024 ALPACA: ALgorithms for PAngenome Computational Analysis (consortium) H2020 956220 Vinař T.
2021–2023 Pangenomics for personalized clinical management of infected patients based on viral genome and human exome (collaboration with the Comenius University Science Park) ITMS: 313011ATL7 Vinař T.
2020–2024 TAILOR: Foundations of Trustworthy AI – Integrating Reasoning, Learning and Optimization (consortium of 54 partners) H2020 952215 Farkaš I. (at FMFI)
2020–2025 PANGAIA: Pan-genome Graph Algorithms and Data Integration (consortium) H2020 872539 Vinař T.
2020–2024 ORBIS: Ontological representations for information systems security (collaboration with Slovak University of Technology and Slovak Academy of Sciences) APVV-19-0220 Gruska D. (at FMFI)
2019–2023 Non-conventional applications of emerging sequencing technologies in comparative and functional genomics (collaboration with FNS CU) APVV-18-0239 Vinař T.

Educational and Developmental Projects

From–to Project title Agency and number Principal investigator
2023–2025 Towards excellence of middle-European interdisciplinary master programme in cognitive science KEGA 022UK-4/2023 Farkaš I.
2022–2025 TERAIS: Towards Excellence in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at a Slovak University Horizon Europe 101079338 Farkaš I.

Past Projects

The members of the department lead or participated in the following research and educational projects.

Research Projects

From–to Project title Agency and number Principal investigator
2018-2021 Knowledge and trust in open agent environments VEGA 1/0778/18 Gruska D.
2018-2020 Learning of a robotic system in a human-robot interaction VEGA 1/0796/18 Farkaš I.
2018-2021 Errors and Uncertainty in DNA Sequencing: Algorithms and Models (collaboration with FIIT STU) VEGA 1/0458/18 Vinař T.
2018-2021 Combinatorial, algebraic and geometric structures in Graph Theory (collaboration with  Department of Informatics FMFI UK) VEGA 1/0719/18 Jajcayová T.
2017-2021 Enhancing cognition and motor rehabilitation in mixed reality (collaboration with UM SAV in Bratislava and FEI TU in Košice) APVV-16-0202 Farkaš I.
2017-2019 Complex networks and real problem solving VEGA 1/0039/17 Beňušková Ľ.
2015-2018 Comparative and functional analysis of non-conventional yeast genomes (collaboration with Dept. of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Natural Sciences) APVV-14-0253 Vinař T.
2015 AREST - Augmented reality and reconstruction in restoration process Nadácia Tatra Banky (TB) Berger Haladová Z.
2014-2017 Applications of Inverse Semigroups in Combinatorics VEGA 1/0577/14 Jajcayová T.
2014-2017 Algorithms and models for analysis of complex biological sequences VEGA 1/0719/14 Vinař T.
2013–2017 Brain-computer interface with adaptive robot-assisted training for rehabilitation (collaboration with Inst. of Measurement Sci., Slovak Acad. of Sci., and Faculty of Medicine) APVV-0668-12 Farkaš I.
2014–2016 From sensory-motor processes to higher cognition: Computational modeling of mental development in an embodied cognitive agent VEGA 1/0898/14 Farkaš I.
2014–2016 Fuzzy expert systems VEGA 1/0592/14 Guller D.
2016 Methods of training for deep architectures of neural networks UK/478/2016 Kuzma T.
2013–2015 Grounded cognition paradigm, interaction between perception and action in the brain-computer interface (collaboration with Inst. of Measurement Sci., Slovak Acad. of Sci.) VEGA 1/0503/13 Rybár J.
2013–2015 Changes in sleep architecture in patients with focal brain ischemy and their infuence on cognitive functions (collaboration with Inst. of Measurement Sci., Slovak Acad. of Sci., and Faculty of Medicine) MZ SR-2012/56-SAV-6 Farkaš I.
2013–2015 Metaphilosophy as a pragmatic analysis of philosophical utterances VEGA 1/0644/13 Kamhal D.
2013–2014 Multicontext inference in heterogeneous environments APVV SK-GR-0070-11 Homola M.
2012–2015 Knowledge representation for ambient intelligence VEGA 1/1333/12 Gruska D.
2012–2013 LAAOS: Logical aspects of adaptable ontological schemas APVV SK-CZ-0208-11 Homola M.
2012 Virtualizer: 3D scanner for complete reconstruction Nadácia TB Kovačovský T.
2012 Laboratory of mobile applications Nadácia TB Borovanský P.
2012 Virtual reality and urban planning Nadácia TB Borovský P.
2011 The Structure of Amalgams of Inverse Semigroups Rose-Hulman IT Grant Jajcayová T.
2011–2013 Motion capture, interaction and cooperation between humans and avatars in 3D augmented reality and virtual reality VEGA 1/1106/11 Stanek S.
2011–2013 Integration of study of visual information processing and creating complex multimedia study materials KEGA 068UK-4/2011 Černeková Z.
2011–2013 Methods of vizualization and modeling of biological structures VEGA 1/0631/11 Šrámek M.
2011–2013 Models of complex networks and their application in practice VEGA 1/0476/11 Markošová M.
2011–2013 Constructivist modeling of early cognitive development using simulated embodied agent VEGA 1/0439/11 Farkaš I.
2011–2013 Optimization of effectiveness of video coding for transfer and recording VEGA 1/0602/11 Černeková Z.
2011–2012 Reasoning with dynamic and inconsistent knowledge APVV SK-PT-0028-10 Šefránek J.
2011 Anomaly detection using a biologically inspired intelligent network Nadácia TB 2010et019 Farkaš I.
2011 Study and implementation of automated usability measurements Nadácia TB 2010et010 Fabo P.
2010–2011 New methods of classification and prediction in analysis of biosignals and in biologically inspired computational vision VEGA 2/0019/10 Markošová M.
2010–2011 Philosophy of fundamental paradigms in cognitive science VEGA 1/0741/09 Rybár J.
2010–2011 Representation of incomplete, developing and distributed knowledge (in interactions with communication platform) VEGA 1/0688/10 Šefránek J.
2010–2011 Algorithms and software for analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins VEGA 1/0210/10 Vinař T.
2010 Multi-touch display and its applications Nadácia TB Fabo P.
2009 ICGS2009: Geometric and Combinatorial Methods in Group Theory and Semigroup Theory NSF USA Jajcayová T.
2009–2011 Geometry processing for urban virtual reality VEGA 1/0763/09 Černeková Z.
2009–2011 Optical measurements of complex surface 'náterov s podpovrchovým rozptylom on pigments' VEGA 1/0662/09 Ďurikovič R.
2008–2013 ALGGENOMES: Algorithms for Analysis of Genes and Genoms EU FP7-PIRG03-GA-2008-224885 Vinař T.
2008–2010 International Workshop: Automata Theoretic Methods in Algorithmic Algebra ESF Z-08-107/0003-00 Jajcayova T.
2008–2010 Application of multi-agent modularity for design control systems and computer models VEGA 1/0280/08 Lúčny A.
2008–2010 Modeling of language as a complex system with self-organization VEGA 1/0361/08 Farkaš I.
2008–2010 Saul Kripke and revival of metaphysics. Contemporary discussions about essentialism and so-called metaphysics of modality VEGA 1/0814/08 Kamhal D.
2008–2011 Multimediálna čítanka APVV LPP-0056-07 Nagy M.
2007–2009 A knowledge system for cognitive robots VEGA 1/4060/07 Guller D.
2007–2009 Modern methods of classification and prediction of sleep stages and loss of attention based on analysis of EEG signals ((cooperation with Inst. of Measurement Sci., Slovak Acad. of Sci.) VEGA 2/7087/27 Markošová M.
2006–2008 Nonstandard models of computing - specification, complexity and security VEGA 1/3105/06 Gruska D.
2006–2008 Dynamical aspects of knowledge representation: from theoretical basics to applications VEGA 1/3112/06 Šefránek J.
2006–2008 Cognitive sciences and traditional philosophical theories VEGA 1/3612/06 Rybár J.
2005–2009 Tools for processing and visualisation of tomographic and confocal data APVV-20-056105 Šrámek M.
2005–2007 Modeling complex systems using neural networks with focus on linguistics VEGA 1/2045/05 Farkaš I.
2005–2007 Environment for specification of multiagent systems APVV-20-P04805 Šefránek J.
2005–2007 Efektívny prehliadač urbanistických dát a ich prezentácia (v spolupráci s EUROSENSE Slovakia, s.r.o., Mestské múzeum Bratislava, Centaur, s.r.o.) APVT 20-P05105 Ftáčnik M.?
2004–2006 Knowledge representation and reasoning with robotic applications VEGA 1/1055/04 Guller D.
2003-2004 PhD summer school: Logics for formal specification languages. (in coop. with  KI FMFI, Technical Univ. of Denmark, Essex Univ., German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence) CoLogNET, FET, IST 2001-33123 Guller D.
2003–2005 Logical theory of dynamic and modular knowledge bases VEGA 1/0173/03 Šefránek J.
2003–2005 Network computing VEGA 1/0172/03 Gruska D.

Educational and Developmental Projects

From–to Project title Agency and number Principal investigator
2019–2021 Internationalization of middle European interdisciplinary master programme cognitive science KEGA 042UK-4/2019 Farkaš I.
2017–2019 Going Global: Improving the quality of education at Comenius University in Bratislava via internationalization (activity 1.C: Improving the interdisciplinary master programme in cognitive science MŠVVaŠ SR 002UK-2/2016 Farkaš I.
2016–2018 Development of middle European interdisciplinary master programme in cognitive science in English KEGA 017UK-4/2016 Farkaš I.
2013–2015 Development of middle European interdisciplinary master programme in cognitive science KEGA 076UK-4/2013 Farkaš I.
2013–2013 Virtuálna univerzita informatiky: vývojové prostredie výuky programovania Nadácia TB 2012vs003 Gyárfáš F.
2012–2015 Preparation of study of mathematics and informatics at FMPI Comenius University in English language ITMS 2614030008 Ďurikovič R., Farkaš I.
2010 AI robotics Nadácia TB 09vs29 Petrovič P.
2010–2011 Interdisciplinary bioinformatics study program: Proposal and implementation of pilot courses KEGA 058-016UK-4/2010 Vinař T.
2009–2011 Cognitive science – middle European interdisciplinary master study programme KEGA 3/7300/09 Rybár J.
2004–2006 Robotic laboratory with telepresence of the developer KEGA 3/2399/04 Šefránek J.
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