Scientific Research at DAI

Research activities at DAI are chiefly focused on the areas of computer graphics and computer vision, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computational logic, theory of programming, and bioinformatics. Researchers collaborate within informal working groups focused on more specific topics.

Computer Graphics and Vision

Two groups at DAI work on graphics and vision problems:

  • Computer Graphics – computer animation, navigation and cooperation in virtual environments, methods of volumetric graphics.
  • Computer Vision – image processing, feature extraction, salient region detection, face recognition, transport and security applications of computer vision.

Artificial Intelligence and Computational Modelling

Research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science has a broad scope and a long history, reflected by the number and diversity of working groups:

Theory of Programming

Applications of formal and logical methods to theory and security of concurrent and distributed systems, computational complexity, and programming are studied by working groups:

  • Concurrent and Distributed Systems – theory of concurrent processing, formal models and their applications on system specification, verification and information security.
  • Declarative Programming – descriptive complexity; declarative programming, code verification, code transformation techniques, rewriting systems and constraint systems.

Projects and Events

See the following pages for more detailed research profile of our department:

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