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* [[Conferences and Events]]
* [[Conferences and Events]]
* [[Selected Publications]]
* [[Selected Publications]]
* [[Useful Information for Employees]]

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Scientific Research at DAI

Research activities of DAI are chiefly focused on the the areas of computer graphics and computer vision, artificial intelligence, computational logic, and theory of programming.

  • Computer graphics and computer vision. Modeling and visualization of virtual cities. Navigation and cooperation in virtual environments. Dynamic system simulations. Medical applications of computer graphics and computer vision. Face recognition and tracking.
  • Artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Complex self-organizing systems, multi-agent systems. Knowledge representation in intelligent systems at symbolic and subsymbolic levels (neural nets). Modeling of language acquisition and processing. Cognitive semantics. Robotics. Dynamical network studies.
  • Computational logic. Logic-based theory of knowledge representation, non-monotonic reasoning, logic programming (especially answer set programming), description logics, ontologies, semantic web. Reasoning under uncertainty. Logical aspects of multi-agent systems.
  • Theory of programming. Declarative programming, code verification, code transformation techniques, rewriting systems and constraint systems. Theory od concurrent processing, formal models and their applications on system specification, verification and information security.
  • Computational Biology. Apllications of algorithmic, probabilistic modeling, and machine learning techniques to the molecular biology problems, especially to the analysis of DNA sequences. Collaboration with biology researchers on common projects.

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