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Congition and Artificial Life IX

This year our department organizes Slovak - Czech conference on Cognition and Artificial Life

Changes in the study programmes

The following are the changes in summer semester 2008/2009 from the plan published in the study handbook:
  • 2-INF-150, Machine Learning - moved to summer, lecturer changed
  • 2-INF-147, Searching in text - opened, lecturer changed
  • 2-AIN-504, Bioinformatics Seminar (2) - opened, lecturer changed
  • 2-IKV-112 Modern social theories – moved to summer, lecturer changed
  • 2-AIN-181, Evolutionary algorithms - moved to summer
  • 2-AIN-104, Computational modeling of cognitive processes - Kvasnička, V. (FIIT, DE 150 Friday 10:00)

Lecturer changed:

  • 2-AIN-143, Qualitative modeling and simulation - Macko, M.
  • 2-IKV-141, New trends in cognitive psychology – Chudý, V.
  • 2-IKV-183, Psycholinguistics - Bašnáková, J.


  • 1-AIN-680 Extreme programming (done in winter semester)
  • 1-AIN-646 Description logics, ontologies and semantic web - Homola, M. (moved to winter semester 2009/2010)
  • 2-IKV-262, Computational psycholinguistics - Farkaš, I.
  • 2-IKV-234, Knowledge Systems - Popper M.
  • 2-IKV-182, Current theories of consciousness - Gál, E.

Seminar: Dr. Susanne Reiterer (Department of Neuroradiology, University of Tübingen, Germany) - Language talent: preliminary results from a large scale psycholinguistic and brain imaging study

In recent years we can observe an increasing interest into investigating individual differences in language learning capacity (talent or aptitude) with brain imaging techniques such as, in the first place, functional and anatomical magnetic resonance imaging. We performed a large-scale series of investigations of 130 individually gifted second language learners, scrutinizing their productive and perceptive second language capacities, their psychological profiles (e.g. personality), as well as their brains, by performing anatomical and functional MRI scans. In my talk I will try to give an overview of the preliminary results of our large sample studied.

ABCD Workshop on Automata Theoretic Methods in Algorithmic Algebra

International workshop that is organized at our Department from Monday to Wednesday is part of European program AutoMathA: Automata, Mathematics and Applications that is supported by the European Science Foundation. The main topics of the workshop are Automata and Logic, Automata and Groups, and Growth Functions. The lectures are public, you are invited to attend.

FIRST LEGO League in Slovakia

On Friday, November 14th, the FIRST LEGO League contest, organized by the Department of Informatics Education and our department took place in University Pastoral Center. See the video from contest published at Aktualne.SK

Security of Web Applications (Invited Lecture)

The course Modern Approaches to Web Design features an invited lecture "Security of web applications" by Pavol Lupák (Nethemba, OWASP). The lecture will give an insightful overview to of applications security and then concentrate on new types of security treats related to newly emerging web technology (AJAX, XML).

Topics of Bachelor and Master Theses

Department of Applied Informatics has published the list of Bachelor and Master theses topics for the year 2008/2009. This list may be further updated. Students may inform the prospective advisers that they are interested in respective topics and ask them about further information about the topics.
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Public inauguration lecture of doc. Ing. Miloš Šrámek, PhD.

The faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics invites to the public inauguration lecture of doc. Ing. Miloš Šrámek, PhD. that will take place in auditorium C, on September 18th 2008 at 13:00 on the topic "Challenges of volumetric projections in medicine".

Special AI Seminar with guests Chiaki Sakama and Katsumi Inoue

On September the 6th we will welcome prof. Chiaki Sakama from Wakayama University and prof. Katsumi Inoue from National Institute of Informatics in Japan. There will be a special seminar with invited talks by prof. Sakama and prof. Inoue in room I-9. Everyone is kindly invited.

Launching the new website of the department

With the start of the new semester, we are launching this new and fresh website of our department, which now serves as the official website. You find here links and information to about all the subjects provided by our department, information about our research projects and other activities. Now, thanks to the Wiki technology, the content can be generated by all employees of the department, and we wish this will become a useful tool for both us and our students, as well as for public visitors. We wish to maintain the webpages in both Slovak and English languages. Please drop us a line at if you have any questions or comments.

Diploma theses defence

The 'last' graduates in the direction of Artificial Intelligence defended their theses. Look at a few snapshots from their presentations.

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