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   | form = K - kurz (4)
   | form = K - kurz (4)
   | evaluation = 50/50
   | evaluation = 50/50
   | webpage = http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/index.html
   | webpage = [[Modelling and Rendering Techniques (Materials)]]
   | teacher = [[Roman Durikovic|doc. RNDr. Roman Ďurikovič, PhD.]]
   | teacher = [[Roman Durikovic|doc. RNDr. Roman Ďurikovič, PhD.]]
   | email = durikovic[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]fmph.uniba.sk
   | email = durikovic[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]fmph.uniba.sk
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   | recommendations = žiadne
   | recommendations = žiadne
= Modelovacie a renderovacie techniky =
Monday 16:30 B
== Course Requirements ==
Class participation; Projects; 2x Quiz, 7x Homework, Final examination
=== Grading ===
No make-up exams will be given for missed tests. All the assignments should be turn in by the designated due date. To pass this course all the course requirements must be SATISFACTORILY completed > 30% of each problem set.
=== Evaluation ===
*92-100 A, 84-91 B, 76-83 C, 68-75 D, 60-67 E
*homeworks: 20%; Projects: 50%; mid term exam: 10%; Oral exam +0...20%; final exam: 20%
*[https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AguOJecPQwoSdHV0S3NoR3J3SXp6S3owZE5rMm5JZWc&usp=sharing#gid=0 Your evaluation]
=== Absence Policy ===
Each absence of a lecture will be counted and 3 points will be deducted from the final grade. Two absences will be allowed with no penalty with the prior approval of the instructor.
If you missed more than 3 lectures you failed the course.
=== Oral Examination ===
To the oral examination all the above requirements must be SATISFACTORILY completed. To pass the course you should pass the oral examination.
=== Materials to read ===
*Michael Henle, "A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology"
*J. O'Rourke, "Computational Geometry in C"
*IA. T. Fomenko and T. L. Kunii, "Topological Modeling for Visualization"
=== Useful links ===
= Lessons =
=== Lesson01 "Human visual system, Illusions" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/MRT01_HVS%20Handouts.pdf pdf]],
Color theory: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/MRT01_FarbaPoznamky.pdf pdf]]
Reading(prepare 3 questions and the core idea of article): R. Ďurikovič and K. Kolchin. Physically-based model of photographic effects for night and day scenes, Journal of Three Dimensional Images, 3D Forum Society, vol. 15, No.4, pages 119-124, 2001. [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/publications/Pub99_02_files/HC2001_glare.pdf pdf]]
=== Lesson02 "Photographic Effects, HDR and Tone Mapping" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/MRT02_TMO%20Handouts.pdf pdf]]
Reading evaluation.
=== Lesson03 "Three dimensional modeling" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/3DModeling1%20Objects.pdf pdf]]
Demo animation: R. Ďurikovič, K. Kaneda, and H. Yamashita. Dynamic contour: a texture approach and contour operations. The Visual Computer, 11(6), pages 277-289, May 1995. [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/publications/Pub_till99_files/TVC%201995%20Topology%20Contour.PDF pdf]]
=== Lesson04 "Three dimensional transformations" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/3DModeling2%20Transformations.pdf pdf]]
Demo animation: R. Ďurikovič, K. Kaneda, and H. Yamashita. Imaging and modelling from serial microscopic sections for the study of anatomy. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 36(5), pages 276-284, 1998. [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/publications/Pub_till99_files/MBEC98.pdf pdf]]
=== Lesson05 "Representation of solids" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/3DModeling3%20Representation.pdf pdf]]
Midterm 1 + questions from the following articles.
Demo animation:
Roman Ďurikovič, Silvester Czanner, Julius Parulek and Miloš Šrámek. Heterogeneous modeling of biological organs and organ growth. In book: Alexander Pasko, Valery Adzhiev, and Peter Comninos. LNCS 4889: Heterogeneous Objects Modeling and Applications. Springer Press, Berlin, 2008.  [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/publications/Pub06_08_soubory/LNCS2007Growth.pdf pdf]]
=== Lesson06 "Functional representation" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/3DModeling4%20F_Rep.pdf pdf]]
R. Ďurikovič. Growth simulation of digestive system using function representation and skeleton dynamics, International Journal on Shape Modeling, vol. 10, No.1, pages 31-49, World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore, 2004.[[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/publications/Pub03_05_soubory/ws-ijsmDurikovic.pdf pdf]]
=== Lesson07 "Test (midterm) 2" ===
Demo animation: Roman Ďurikovič and Zuzana Kúkelová. Sketch-based modelling system with convolution and variational implicit surfaces, Journal of the Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Informatics, University of Saint Cyril and Metod Press, Trnava, Slovakia, vol. 4, No.1, pages 101-108, 2008.
=== Lesson08 "Computational topology of polygonal surfaces" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/c-top07.pdf pdf]]
Demo animation: Y. Wakabayashi and R. Ďurikovič. Modeling bonsai tree using positional information, Joint Convention Record of Tohoku Chapter of the Electrical and Information Engineers, No. 2I19, Yonezawa, Japan, pages 341, 2002.[[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/publications/Pub03_05_soubory/396-805.pdf pdf]]
=== Lesson09 "Applied computational topology" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/c-top07b.pdf pdf]]
Solving problems 7P 1~7
=== Lesson10 "Surface classification via topological surgery" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/c-top08.pdf pdf]]
=== Lesson11 "Surface classification via topological surgery II" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/c-top08.pdf pdf]]
Solving problems 8P 1~4
=== Lesson12 "Aliasing, Antialiasing" ===
Lecture notes: [[http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/classes/MRT/aliasing.pdf pdf]]
=== Lesson13 "Last lecture" ===
Final exam!
= Exercises =
teacher: [[Zuzana_Haladova| Zuzana Berger Haladová]]
Thursday 8:10 I9
=== Evaluation ===
* 10 * 2p Attendance
* 3 * 15p Homeworks
* 35p Presentation (compulsory)
=== 25.9. Exercise is canceled! ===
=== 2.10. Introduction, colors ===

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Modelovacie a renderovacie techniky 1-AIN-535

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Názov a kód predmetu: Modelovacie a renderovacie techniky (1-AIN-535)
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Vyučuje sa/odporúčaný ročník: Zimný semester / 3
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Webstránka predmetu: Modelling and Rendering Techniques (Materials)
Informačný list: Informačný list 1-AIN-535 (fakultná služba)
Vyučujúci: doc. RNDr. Roman Ďurikovič, PhD.
E-mail: durikovic@fmph.uniba.sk
Domovská stránka: http://www.sccg.sk/~durikovic/

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Oboznámiť študentov s modelovacími a renderovacími technikami.

Je časťou študijného programu: Povinne-voliteľný v Bakálarskom programe Aplikovaná informatika

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