Mathematics Complementary Classes (1) 1-AIN-111

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Course name and code: Mathematics Complementary Classes (1) (1-AIN-111)
Prerequisite courses: none
Available in/recommended study year: Winter semester / 1
Form and # of hours/week: P - lecture (2)
Credits: 2
Evaluation (semester/exam): 100/0
Course webpage: not available
Information sheet: 1-AIN-111 information sheet
Teacher(s): Prof. RNDr. Peter Prešnajder, DrSc.

Short description:

Improve the skills in problem solving and formulation in relation to 1-AIN-110 Matematics (1).

Offered in these study programs: Elective in Bachelor program in Applied Informatics

Recommendations: This course is organizes for the students who do not feel very comfortable with Mathematics to give them more guidance, practice, to improve their chances of passing the regular Mathematics subject.

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