Master program in Cognitive Science (until 2014-2015)

Read the Description of Master Program in Cognitive Science.

Programme guarantor is prof. RNDr. Pavol Zlatoš, PhD.
Programme coordinator is prof. Ing. Igor Farkaš, PhD.

Blocks of Compensatory Courses
compulsory choice: one block (of two blocks)

  • Compensatory Courses - Artificial Intelligence
2-IKV-101 Introduction to programming Farkaš I. 1/W L2,C2 5 50/50
2-IKV-102 Mathematics Kohanová I. 1/W L2,P2 5 50/50
2-IKV-103 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Science Markošová M. 1/W L2,S2 5 50/50
  • Compensatory courses - Psychology
2-IKV-111 Introduction to Psychology Čavojová V. 1/W L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-116 Methodology of empirical research Kostovičová L. 1/W L2,S1 5 50/50

Compulsory courses

2-IKV-121 Introduction to Cognitive Science Takáč M. 1/W L2,S1 5 70/30
2-IKV-114 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind Kamhal D. 1/W L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-123 Introduction to Neuroscience Ostatníková D. 1/W L3 5 30/70
2-IKV-115 Introduction to Computational Intelligencie Farkaš I. 1/W L2,S1 5 70/30
2-IKV-113 Cognitive Psychology Rybár J. 1/S L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-122 Semester Project Cimrová B. 1/S LP4 5 100/0
2-IKV-921 Diploma Thesis Seminar KAI 2/S C4 5 70/30
2-IKV-910 Diploma Thesis KAI 2/S D 20 70/30

Optional courses

  • Artificial Intelligence, at least 10 credits required
2-IKV-131 Representation, Knowledge and Reasoning Baláž M. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,P2 5 50/50
2-IKV-133 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (2) Markošová M. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-136 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Farkaš I. 1/S L2,P2 5 70/30
2-IKV-267 Mathematical Logic for Cognitive Science Zlatoš P. * 1/S L2,P1 5 50/50
  • Psychology, at least 5 credits required
2-IKV-141 Current Trends in Cognitive Psychology Gál T. 2-IKV-111! 1/S L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-183 Psycholinguistics Bašnáková J. 1/S L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-143 Philosophy of Language Kamhal D. 1/S L2,S1 5 70/30

Elective courses

2-AIN-123 Computer Vision (1) Ftáčnik M. 1/W L2,P2 5 40/60
2-INF-150 Machine Learning Vinař T., Petrovič P. 1/S L3,P1 6 10/90
2-IKV-184 Cognitive Antropology Kanovský M.* 1/W L2,S1 5 60/40
2-AIN-181 Evolutionary Algorithms Markošová M. 1/S C2 3 40/60
2-IKV-167 Practical Classes in Robotics Petrovič Pa. 1/S S2 3 100/0
2-IKV-261 Logic and Cognitive Science Šefránek J. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,S1 5 50/50
1-AIN-480 Neural Networks Farkaš I. 1/S L2,P2 6 50/50
2-IKV-164 Multiagent Systems Lúčny A. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,P2 5 50/50
2-AIN-501 Methods in Bioinformatics Brejová B., Vinař T. 1-INF-310 1-2/W L2,P2 6 60/40
2-AIN-109 Programming of Parallel and Distributed Systems Gruska D. 1/S L3,P1 4 40/60
2-IKV-181 Meaning and Communication Kamhal D. 1/S L2,S1 5 70/30
2-INF-238 Graphic Models in Machine Learning Vinař T. 1/S L4 6 40/60
2-IKV-142 Philosophy of Action Višňovský E. * 2/W L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-232 Cognitive Semantics and Cognitive Theory of Representation Takáč M. * 2/W L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-265 Speech Recognition Nagy M. 2/W L2,P2 5 30/70
2-IKV-182 Current Theories of Consciousness Gáliková S. * 2-IKV-114! 2/W L2,S1 5 50/50 s
2-IKV-233 Cognitive Laboratory Rybár J. * 2/W C3 5 50/50
2-IKV-236 Grounded Cognition Farkaš I. * 2/W S3 5 70/30
2-AIN-245 Judgement Involving Uncertainty Guller D. 2/W C4 6 40/60 s
2-AIN-143 Qualitative Modelling and Simulation Takáč M. 2/S L2,P2 6 40/60

Notes: Courses denoted by * are in English, serving primarily to visiting students of cognitive science during their mobility semester (for those, courses 236 and 232 are compulsory); type of the course (K/course, P/lecture, C/exercise, S/seminar, L/lab, X/practice, D/diploma thesis) and number of hours per week; number of credits; form of student evaluation (during semester/exam) in percent; s at the end of line stands for currently suspended course.

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