Master programme in Cognitive Science

Read the Description of Master Program in Cognitive Science and visit the local MEi:CogSci website, ->study/->timetables, and the international MEi:CogSci website.

Program director: prof. Ing. Igor Farkaš, Dr. Tutor: doc. RNDr. Martin Takáč, PhD.

The programme is administered by Centre for Cognitive Science. From academic year 2018-2019, the programme has been running in English.

Programme description at faculty pages is here. The study plan can be found here .

State exams

State exams will be held on the published date and consist of two parts.

2-IKVa-991 Master's thesis

The thesis defense of each student is schedules to last approximately 35 minutes. It starts with student's 15-minute presentation, which is followed by reading supervisor's and opponent's reviews and student's responses (which can be prepared in advance using the slides. Finally, a general discussion continues (if time allows that) when all committee members can ask questions, or anyone in the audience (the event is public).

2-IKVa-956 Cognitive phenomena

In this part, the student draws one of 10 questions at random and will have time to prepare an answer. The instruction material for the state exam is here. The topics are:

1. Perception - 2. Attention - 3. Memory - 4. Language - 5. Mental representations - 6. Learning - 7. Embodiment - 8. Emotions - 9. Social cognition - 10. Consciousness

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