Master program in Cognitive Science

Read the Description of Master Program in Cognitive Science.

Guarant and programme coordinator: prof. Ing. Igor Farkaš, Dr.
Tutor: RNDr. Martin Takáč, PhD.

Study plan (in Slovak). The new version of the programme starts in academic year 2015-2016.

Old Master program in Cognitive Science

Programme guarantor is prof. RNDr. Pavol Zlatoš, PhD.
Programme coordinator is prof. Ing. Igor Farkaš, PhD.

Blocks of Compensatory Courses
compulsory choice: one block (of two blocks)

  • Compensatory Courses - Artificial Intelligence
2-IKV-101 Introduction to programming Farkaš I. 1/W L2,C2 5 50/50
2-IKV-102 Mathematics Kohanová I. 1/W L2,P2 5 50/50
2-IKV-103 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence for Cognitive Science Markošová M. 1/W L2,S2 5 50/50
  • Compensatory courses - Psychology
2-IKV-111 Introduction to Psychology Čavojová V. 1/W L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-116 Methodology of empirical research Kostovičová L. 1/W L2,S1 5 50/50

Compulsory courses

2-IKV-121 Introduction to Cognitive Science Takáč M. 1/W L2,S1 5 70/30
2-IKV-114 Introduction to Philosophy of Mind Kamhal D. 1/W L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-123 Introduction to Neuroscience Ostatníková D. 1/W L3 5 30/70
2-IKV-115 Introduction to Computational Intelligencie Farkaš I. 1/W L2,S1 5 70/30
2-IKV-113 Cognitive Psychology Rybár J. 1/S L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-122 Semester Project Cimrová B. 1/S LP4 5 100/0
2-IKV-921 Diploma Thesis Seminar KAI 2/S C4 5 70/30
2-IKV-910 Diploma Thesis KAI 2/S D 20 70/30

Optional courses

  • Artificial Intelligence, at least 10 credits required
2-IKV-131 Representation, Knowledge and Reasoning Baláž M. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,P2 5 50/50
2-IKV-133 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (2) Markošová M. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-136 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Farkaš I. 1/S L2,P2 5 70/30
2-IKV-267 Mathematical Logic for Cognitive Science Zlatoš P. * 1/S L2,P1 5 50/50
  • Psychology, at least 5 credits required
2-IKV-141 Current Trends in Cognitive Psychology Gál T. 2-IKV-111! 1/S L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-183 Psycholinguistics Bašnáková J. 1/S L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-143 Philosophy of Language Kamhal D. 1/S L2,S1 5 70/30

Elective courses

2-AIN-123 Computer Vision (1) Ftáčnik M. 1/W L2,P2 5 40/60
2-INF-150 Machine Learning Vinař T., Petrovič P. 1/S L3,P1 6 10/90
2-IKV-184 Cognitive Antropology Kanovský M.* 1/W L2,S1 5 60/40
2-AIN-181 Evolutionary Algorithms Markošová M. 1/S C2 3 40/60
2-IKV-167 Practical Classes in Robotics Petrovič Pa. 1/S S2 3 100/0
2-IKV-261 Logic and Cognitive Science Šefránek J. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,S1 5 50/50
1-AIN-480 Neural Networks Farkaš I. 1/S L2,P2 6 50/50
2-IKV-164 Multiagent Systems Lúčny A. 2-IKV-103! 1/S L2,P2 5 50/50
2-AIN-501 Methods in Bioinformatics Brejová B., Vinař T. 1-INF-310 1-2/W L2,P2 6 60/40
2-AIN-109 Programming of Parallel and Distributed Systems Gruska D. 1/S L3,P1 4 40/60
2-IKV-181 Meaning and Communication Kamhal D. 1/S L2,S1 5 70/30
2-INF-238 Graphic Models in Machine Learning Vinař T. 1/S L4 6 40/60
2-IKV-142 Philosophy of Action Višňovský E. * 2/W L2,S1 5 50/50
2-IKV-232 Cognitive Semantics and Cognitive Theory of Representation Takáč M. * 2/W L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-265 Speech Recognition Nagy M. 2/W L2,P2 5 30/70
2-IKV-182 Current Theories of Consciousness Gáliková S. * 2-IKV-114! 2/W L2,S1 5 50/50 s
2-IKV-233 Cognitive Laboratory Rybár J. * 2/W C3 5 50/50
2-IKV-236 Grounded Cognition Farkaš I. * 2/W S3 5 70/30
2-AIN-245 Judgement Involving Uncertainty Guller D. 2/W C4 6 40/60 s
2-AIN-143 Qualitative Modelling and Simulation Takáč M. 2/S L2,P2 6 40/60

Notes: Courses denoted by * are in English, serving primarily to visiting students of cognitive science during their mobility semester (for those, courses 236 and 232 are compulsory); type of the course (K/course, P/lecture, C/exercise, S/seminar, L/lab, X/practice, D/diploma thesis) and number of hours per week; number of credits; form of student evaluation (during semester/exam) in percent; s at the end of line stands for currently suspended course.

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