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|2-AIN-108||[[Computational Logic]]||[[Martin Balaz|Baláž M.]], [[Martin Homola|Homola M.]] || ||1/W ||L2,P2||5||50/50
|2-AIN-108||[[Computational Logic]]||[[Martin Balaz|Baláž M.]], [[Martin Homola|Homola M.]] || ||1/W ||L2,P2||5||50/50
|2-AIN-144||[[Knowledge Representation and Reasoning]]||[[Jan Sefranek|Šefránek J.]] || ||1/W ||C4||6||40/60
|2-AIN-144||[[Knowledge Representation and Reasoning]]||[[Martin Homola|Homola M.]], [[Martin Balaz|Baláž M.]]  || ||1/W ||C4||6||40/60
|2-INF-150||[http://dai.fmph.uniba.sk/courses/ml/ Machine Learning]||[[Tomas Vinar|Vinař T.]], [[Pavel Petrovic|Petrovič, P.]] || ||1/W ||L3,P1||6||10/90
|2-INF-150||[http://dai.fmph.uniba.sk/courses/ml/ Machine Learning]||[[Tomas Vinar|Vinař T.]], [[Pavel Petrovic|Petrovič, P.]] || ||1/W ||L3,P1||6||10/90

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Master program in Applied Informatics

Read Description of Master Program in Applied Informatics

The guarantor of this program is Doc. RNDr. Roman Ďurikovič, PhD.

Compulsory courses

2-AIN-921 Project Seminar (1) Ftáčnik M., Šefránek J., Voda P. 1/S S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-910 Diploma Thesis (1) KAI 2/W D2 3 100/0
2-AIN-922 Project Seminar (2) Ftáčnik M., Šefránek J., Voda P. 2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-911 Diploma Thesis (2) Samuelčík M. 2/S D2 9 100/0
2-AIN-102 Discrete Geometric Structures Florek M. 1/W L2 2 100/0
2-MPG-101 Computer Graphics (1) Pílniková J. 1/W L2,P2 5 40/60
1-AIN-360 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (1) Markošová M. 1/W L2,P2 6 40/60
2-AIN-106 Complexity Theory Pardubská D. 1/S L3 4 100/0
2-INF-114 Mathematical Logic Toman E. 1-INF-210! 1/S L4 6 0/100
2-AIN-109 Programming of Parallel and Distributed Systems Gruska D. 1/S L3,P1 4 40/60
2-AIN-201 Physical-based Animations and Mathematical Modeling Ďurikovič R. 2/W L2 2 30/70
2-INF-221 Approximative Algorithms Královič Ra. 2-INF-124 2/W L4 6 30/70
2-INF-236 Object Oriented Software Engineering Červenka R. 2-INF-222 and 1-INF-515! 2/S L3 6 20/80
2-AIN-203 Social and Legal Aspects of Information Systems Winczer M. 2/S L2 2 100/0
2-AIN-636 Modern Approaches to Web Design Homola, M. 1,2/W L2,P2 6 50/50

Optional Courses
obligatory choice: 1 block (from 2 blocks)

  • Computer Graphics and Vision, obligatory choice: 30 credits
2-INF-115 Selected Topics in Geometry for Graphic Designers Pílniková J. 1/W L2 3 20/80
2-AIN-123 Computer Vision (1) Ftáčnik M. 1/W L2,P2 5 40/60
2-AIN-221 Graphics Systems and Standards Ferko A. 1/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-102 Computer Graphics (2) Ďurikovič R. 2-MPG-101! 1/S L2,P2 5 40/60
2-AIN-122 Real Time Graphics Červeňanský M. 2-MPG-101! 1/S L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-126 Data Compression Polec J. 1/S L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-222 Computer Graphics Applications Ďurikovič R. 2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-233 Computer Vision Applications Šikudová E. 2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-124 Computer Vision (2) Šikudová E. 2-AIN-123! 2/S C4 5 40/60 s
2-MPG-204 Pattern Recognition Ftáčnik M. 2/S L2 3 40/60
  • Artificial Intelligence, obligatory choice: 30 credits
2-AIN-141 Expert Systems (1) Guller D. 1/W C4 6 40/60
1-AIN-480 Neural Networks Farkaš I. 1/S L2,P2 6 50/50
2-AIN-143 Qualitative Modelling and Simulation Macko M. 1/S L2,P2 6 40/60
2-IKV-133 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (2) Markošová M. 1-AIN-360 1/S L2,S2 5 50/50
2-AIN-108 Computational Logic Baláž M., Homola M. 1/W L2,P2 5 50/50
2-AIN-144 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Homola M., Baláž M. 1/W C4 6 40/60
2-INF-150 Machine Learning Vinař T., Petrovič, P. 1/W L3,P1 6 10/90
2-AIN-241 Expert Systems (2) Guller D. 2/W L2 3 40/60
2-AIN-244 Seminar in Expert Systems Popper M. 2/W S2 3 50/50 s
2-AIN-245 Reasoning with Uncertainty Guller D. 2/W C4 6 40/60
2-AIN-246 Multiagent Systems Lúčny A. 2/S L2,P2 5 50/50

Elective courses

2-AIN-161 Applied Numerical Mathematics Babušíková J. 1/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-213 Advanced Geometric Modeling (2) Chalmovianský P. 1/S L2 3 40/60
2-MPG-141 Projective Geometry Solčan Š. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-143 Multiaspect Geometry Zaťko V. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
1-INF-695 OpenGL Samuelčík M. 1-2/W C2 3 100/0
2-AIN-262 Information Visualisation Novotný M. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-263 Photorealism Ďurikovič R. 2-MPG-102 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-264 OpenCV Parulek J. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-265 Multidimensional Data Visualisation Šrámek M. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-145 PC Graphic Devices Architecture Bohdal R. 2-2/W C2 3 100/0
2-MPG-203 Computational Geometry Chalmovianský P. 2/W C4 5 40/60
2-INF-116 Modeling of Curves and Surfaces Zaťko V. 1/S C4 5 40/60
2-MPG-149 Fractal Modeling Samuelčík M. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-144 Placement of Geometric Figures Božek M. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-270 Colour Image Processing Černeková Z. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-271 Image Processing for Medicine Zimányi M. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0 s
2-MPG-150 Automated Interactive Design Bohdal R. 1-2/S C2 3 100/0
2-MPG-152 Virtual Reality Šperka M. 2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-274 Multimedia and Sound Processing Lúčan Ľ. 2/S L2 3 100/0
1-AIN-655 Heuristic Methods Ftáčnik M. 1-2/W C2 3 100/0
2-AIN-172 UNIX for Users Vittek M. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0 s
2-AIN-173 GNU Linux Šrámek M. 1/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-174 Advanced C++ Vittek M. 1/S L2 3 30/70
2-AIN-181 Evolutionary Algorithms Markošová M. 1/S C2 3 40/60
2-IKV-265 Speech Recognition Nagy M. 1/W L2,P2 5 30/70
2-IKV-262 Computational Psycholinguistics Farkaš I. * 1/W L2,S1 5 70/30 s
2-AIN-184 Logic for Artificial Intelligence Šefránek J. 1/S C2 3 40/60
2-AIN-185 Formal Methods of Software Development Gruska D. 1/S L3,P1 6 40/60
1-MXX-407 Brain and mind Rybár J. 1-3/W C2 3 50/50
1-MXX-406 Language and Cognition Rybár J. 1-3/S C2 3 50/50
2-AIN-281 Computational and Cognitive Linguistics Takáč M. 1-2/S C2 3 40/60 s
2-AIN-282 Quantum Algorithms and Automata Gruska J. 1-2/W C2 3 40/60
2-AIN-283 Development of Critical Applications Gruska D. 2/W C4 6 40/60
2-AIN-284 Artificial Intelligence Seminar (1) Šefránek J. 1-2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-501 Methods in Bioinformatics Brejová B., Vinař T. 1-INF-310 1-2/W L2,P2 6 60/40 s
2-AIN-503 Seminar in Bioinformatics (1) Brejová B. 1-2/W S2 1 100/0
2-AIN-502 Fundamentals of Programming for Biology Students KAI 1/S L2 2 60/40 s
2-AIN-504 Seminar in Bioinformatics (2) Vinař T. 1-2/S S2 1 100/0
2-IKV-167 Practical Classes in Robotics Petrovič Pa. 1/S S2 3 100/0
2-IKV-232 Cognitive Semantics and Cognitive Theory of Representation Takáč M., Retová D. * 1/W L2,S2 5 50/50
2-IKV-136 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Farkaš I. 1/S L2,P2 5 70/30