Research of our department is focused on Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Declarative Programming. Accordingly, our master program contains subjects primarily from these areas.

See also: Recommendations for students of Master program in Applied Informatics

The guarantor of this program is Prof. RNDr. Ivan Kalaš, CSc.

To pass the program, a student must:

  1. acquire 120 credits
  2. pass all obligatory subjects, and acquire required number of credits in obligatory-optional subjects
  3. pass the state examination and successfully defend a diploma thesis (registration for the state examination is possible only after the points 1 and 2 are satisfied)

Each row in the following table contains the following:

  • ECTS subject code, name of the course (link to the course page with short description), name of the teacher or department (link to his or her page)
  • list of prerequisite courses (recommended or required: marked by !)
  • recommended year of study (in which semester does the subject have a slot allocated in the course schedule)
  • type of the course (K - course, P - lecture, C - exercise, S - seminar, L - lab exercise, X - practice, O - short study concentration stay, D - diploma thesis, I - another form) and number of hours per week
  • number of credits
  • form of student evaluation (during semester/exam) - in percent
  • S at the end of row means that the subject is suspended in this year

Please note that in addition to the following subjects, each student can select subjects from the wide range of whole faculty subjects listed at Faculty pages.

Obligatory subjects

2-AIN-921 Project Seminar (1) Ftáčnik M., Šefránek J., Voda P. 1/S S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-910 Diploma Thesis (1) KAI 2/W D2 3 100/0
2-AIN-922 Project Seminar (2) Ftáčnik M., Šefránek J., Voda P. 2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-911 Diploma Thesis (2) Samuelčík M. 2/S D2 9 100/0
2-AIN-102 Discrete Geometric Structures Chalmovianský P. 1/W L2 2 100/0
2-MPG-101 Computer Graphics (1) Pílniková J. 1/W L2,P2 5 40/60
1-AIN-360 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (1) Markošová M. 1/W L2,P2 6 40/60
2-AIN-106 Complexity Theory Pardubská D. 1/S L3 4 100/0
1-AIN-646 Description Logics Ontologies and Semantics Web Homola M. 1/S L2,P2 6 50/50
2-INF-114 Mathematical Logic Toman E. 1-INF-210! 1/S L4 6 0/100
2-AIN-109 Programming of Parallel and Distributed Systems Gruska D. 1/S L3,P1 4 40/60
2-AIN-201 Physical-based Animations and Mathematical Modeling Ďurikovič R. 2/W L2 2 30/70
2-INF-221 Approximative Algorithms Královič Ra. 2-INF-124 2/W L4 6 30/70
2-INF-236 Object Oriented Software Engineering Červenka R. 2-INF-222 and 1-INF-515! 2/S L3 6 20/80
2-AIN-203 Social and Legal Aspects of Information Systems Winczer M. 2/S L2 2 100/0

Obligatory-Optional Subjects
obligatory choice: 1 block (from 2 blocks)

  • Computer Graphics and Vision, obligatory choice: 30 credits
2-INF-115 Selected Topics in Geometry for Graphic Designers Pílniková J. 1/W L2 3 20/80
2-AIN-123 Computer Vision (1) Ftáčnik M. 1/W L2,P2 5 40/60
2-AIN-221 Graphics Systems and Standards Ferko A. 1/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-102 Computer Graphics (2) Ďurikovič R. 2-MPG-101! 1/S L2,P2 5 40/60
2-AIN-122 Real Time Graphics Červeňanský M. 2-MPG-101! 1/S L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-126 Data Compression Polec J. 1/S L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-222 Computer Graphics Applications Ďurikovič R. 2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-233 Computer Vision Applications Šikudová E. 2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-124 Computer Vision (2) Šikudová E. 2-AIN-123! 2/S C4 5 40/60 s
2-MPG-204 Pattern Recognition Ftáčnik M. 2/S L2 3 40/60
  • Artificial Intelligence, obligatory choice: 30 credits
2-AIN-141 Expert Systems (1) Popper M. 1/W C4 6 40/60
1-AIN-480 Neural Networks Farkaš I. 1/S L2,P2 6 50/50
2-AIN-143 Qualitative Modelling and Simulation Takáč M. 1/S L2,P2 6 40/60
2-IKV-133 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (2) Markošová M. 1-AIN-360 1/S L2,S2 5 50/50
2-AIN-144 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Šefránek J. 1/W C4 6 40/60
2-INF-150 Machine Learning Hegedüs T. 1/W L3,P1 6 10/90
2-AIN-146 Universal Algebra for Informatics Vančo P. 1/S C2 3 40/60 s
2-IKV-135 Neurocomputing Farkaš I. 2/S L2,P2 5 70/30
2-AIN-241 Expert Systems (2) Popper M. 2/W L2 3 40/60
2-AIN-244 Seminar in Expert Systems Popper M. 2/W S2 3 50/50
2-AIN-245 Judgement Involving Uncertainty Guller D. 2/W C4 6 40/60 s
2-AIN-246 Multiagent Systems Lúčny A. 2/S L2,P2 5 50/50
  • Electives
2-AIN-161 Applied Numerical Mathematics Babušíková J. 1/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-213 Advanced Geometric Modeling (2) Chalmovianský P. 1/S L2 3 40/60
2-MPG-141 Projective Geometry Solčan Š. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-143 Multiaspect Geometry Zaťko V. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
1-INF-695 OpenGL Samuelčík M. 1-2/W C2 3 100/0
2-AIN-262 Information Visualisation Novotný M. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-263 Photorealism Ďurikovič R. 2-MPG-102 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-264 OpenCV Parulek J. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-265 Multidimensional Data Visualisation Šrámek M. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-145 PC Graphic Devices Architecture Bohdal R. 2-2/W C2 3 100/0
2-MPG-203 Computational Geometry Chalmovianský P. 2/W C4 5 40/60
2-INF-116 Modeling of Curves and Surfaces Zaťko V. 1/S C4 5 40/60
2-MPG-149 Fractal Modeling Samuelčík M. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-144 Placement of Geometric Figures Božek M. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-270 Colour Image Processing Šikudová E. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0 s
2-AIN-271 Image Processing for Medicine Zimányi M. 1-2/S L2 3 100/0
2-MPG-150 Automated Interactive Design Bohdal R. 1-2/S C2 3 100/0
2-MPG-152 Virtual Reality Šperka M. 2/W L2 3 100/0
2-AIN-274 Multimedia and Sound Processing Lúčan Ľ. 2/S L2 3 100/0
1-AIN-655 Heuristic Methods Ftáčnik M. 1-2/W C2 3 100/0
2-AIN-172 UNIX for Users Vittek M. 1-2/W L2 3 100/0 s
2-AIN-173 GNU Linux Šrámek M. 1/W L2 3 100/0
1-AIN-646 Description Logics Ontologies and Semantics Web Homola M. 1-2/S L2,P2 6 50/50
2-AIN-174 Advanced C++ Vittek M. 1/S L2 3 30/70
2-AIN-181 Evolutionary Algorithms Markošová M. 1/W C2 3 40/60
2-IKV-265 Speech Recognition Nagy M. 1/W L2,P2 5 30/70
2-IKV-262 Computational Psycholinguistics Farkaš I. * 1/W L2,S1 5 70/30
2-AIN-184 Logic for Artificial Intelligence Šefránek J. 1/S C2 3 40/60 s
2-AIN-185 Formal Methods of Software Development Gruska D. 1/S L3,P1 6 40/60
1-MXX-407 Brain and mind Rybár J. 1-3/W C2 3 50/50
1-MXX-406 Language and Cognition Rybár J. 1-3/S C2 3 50/50
2-AIN-281 Computational and Cognitive Linguistics Takáč M. 1-2/S C2 3 40/60
2-AIN-282 Quantum Algorithms and Automata Gruska J. 1-2/S C2 3 40/60
2-AIN-283 Development of Critical Applications Gruska D. 2/W C4 6 40/60
2-AIN-284 Artificial Intelligence Seminar (1) Šefránek J. 1-2/W S2 3 100/0
2-AIN-501 Methods in Bioinformatics Brejová B., Vinař T. 1-INF-310 1-2/W L2,P2 6 60/40 s
2-AIN-503 Seminar in Bioinformatics (1) Brejová B. 1-2/W S2 1 100/0 s
2-AIN-502 Fundamentals of Programming for Biology Students KAI 1/S L2 2 60/40 s
2-AIN-504 Seminar in Bioinformatics (2) Brejová B. 1-2/S S2 1 100/0 s
2-IKV-232 Cognitive Semantics and Cognitive Theory of Representation Takáč M. * 1/W L2,S2 5 50/50
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