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   | fullname = RNDr. Martin Madaras, PhD.
   | fullname = RNDr. Martin Madaras, PhD.
   | caption  = Martin Madaras
   | caption  = Martin Madaras
   | image    = [Súbor:madaras_sccg.jpg]
   | image    = [Internal:madaras_sccg.jpg]
   | section  =  
   | section  =  
   | position = odborný asistent
   | position = odborný asistent

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Martin Madaras

[[Image:[Internal:madaras_sccg.jpg]|150px|Martin Madaras – fotografia]]
Meno: RNDr. Martin Madaras, PhD.
odborný asistent
Miestnosť: FTLab
Adresa: RNDr. Martin Madaras, PhD.
Katedra aplikovanej informatiky
Mlynská dolina
824 48 Bratislava



Polygon Mesh Processing

Automatic skeletonization of mesh models / Skeleton Based Deformations

Scanning of models / 3D reconstruction

Parameterization of 3D models / Texture space deformations

Mesh GPU Tesselation and Displacement Maps

Motion capture / Human skeleton extraction / Automatic body measurement


(2017) Optical-Inertial Synchronization of MoCap Suit with Single Camera Setup for Reliable Position Tracking

(2016) GPU-based Approaches for Shape Diameter Function Computation and Its Applications Oriented on Skeleton Extraction

(2016) Fast Parallel Computation of Shape Diameter Function

(2015) Physically Inspired Stretching of Non-rigid Bodies

(2015) Controllable Skeleton-sheets Representation via Shape Diameter Function

(2014) Skeleton-sheets Extraction using Shape Diameter Function

(2014) Extensions for Laplacian-based Skeleton Extraction using Shape Diameter Function

(2014) Skeleton-based Matching for Animation Transfer and Joint Detection

(2014) Skeleton-based Joints Position Detection

(2013) Parallelization of Mesh Contraction and Fairing using OpenCL

(2012) Skeleton-based 3D Surface Parameterization Applied on Texture Mapping

(2012) Skeleton Texture Mapping

(2011) Concept of Skeleton Texture Mapping, poster in Eurographics

(2010) Skeleton Extraction from Mesh for Easy Skinning Animation

(2010) Extraction of Skinning Data by Mesh Contraction with Collada 1.5 Support