Knowledge representation has traditionally been an important area of research at our department. In accordance, whole family of courses on this subject is offered to our students. Core KR courses are:

  • Semantic basics of knowledge systems (1-INF-470)
  • Representation, Knowledge and Inference (2-IKV-131)
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (2-AIN-144)

Advanced courses are:

  • Description Logics, ontologies and the semantic web (1-AIN-646)
  • Answers set programming (M-INCU-062)

Selection of courses that are also related to knowledge representation:

  • Expert systems 1 (2-AIN-141)
  • Expert systems 2 (2-AIN-241)
  • Introduction to declarative programming (1-AIN-505)
  • Symbolic programming and LISP (M-INCU-021)
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