The KR research group at DAI, chaired by Ján Šefránek, is concerned with (mostly theoretical) research in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning(KR&R).

Group Focus

Our main interests within KR&R include:

  • Non-monotonic logics and non-monotonic reasoning
  • Knowledge revision
  • Answer set programming
  • Dynamic logic programming
  • Semantic Web
  • Ontologies

Group Members


KR Group organizes irregular sessions of the KR Seminar where the group members and sometimes invited speakers present latest advances in their research.


  • (May 2008--Dec 2008) Surveying and improving semantic properties of distributed ontologies. Project no. UK/365/2008 awarded by Comenius University. Narrowly focused project aiming at comparing different existing formalisms for representing distributed ontologies.
  • (Aug 2005--Oct 2007) An environment for specification of multiagent systems. Project. no. APVV-20-P04805 awarded by Slovak Research and Development Agency. The goal of the project has been to propose a logic-based approach to multi-agent systems specification as an alternative to the environments based on the imperative programming paradigm. Agent's capability of reasoning with incomplete and evolving knowledge has been emphasized.

Selected Recent Publications

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