KR Research Group

The KR research group at DAI, chaired by Ján Šefránek, is concerned with (mostly theoretical) research in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR&R).

Group Focus

Our main interests within KR&R include:

  • Non-monotonic logics and non-monotonic reasoning
  • Knowledge revision
  • Answer set programming
  • Dynamic logic programming
  • Argumentation
  • Semantic Web
  • Ontologies
  • Description Logics
  • Abduction

Group Members


  • 2010 - 2011 Representation of incomplete, evolving and distributed knowledge (in a cooperation with a communication platform)
  • (Jan 2006--Dec 2008) Dynamic aspects of knowledge representation -- from theoretical foundations to applications. Project no. VEGA 1/31/2006 awarded by Slovak Ministry of Education and Slovak Academy od Sciences. The project is focused on semantic problems of logic program updates, prioritized logic programming, distributed description logics. We are aiming also at applications of the fields of our theoretical interests to representation of the world of compuiter games, to multi-agent systems and to the legal reasoning.
  • (May 2008--Dec 2008) Surveying and improving semantic properties of distributed ontologies. Project no. UK/365/2008 awarded by Comenius University. Narrowly focused project aiming at comparing different existing formalisms for representing distributed ontologies.
  • (Aug 2005--Oct 2007) An environment for specification of multiagent systems. Project. no. APVV-20-P04805 awarded by Slovak Research and Development Agency. The goal of the project has been to propose a logic-based approach to multi-agent systems specification as an alternative to the environments based on the imperative programming paradigm. Agent's capability of reasoning with incomplete and evolving knowledge has been emphasized.

Selected Recent Publications

For more recent publications, please visit our DBLP and Scholar profiles:

2010, 2011

Communication platform

Sémantic web, multi-context systems

  • Juraj Frank, Vladimír Dziuban, and Martin Homola. Sémantický web: niektoré aktuálne výzvy. In: V. Kvasnička, J. Pospíchal, P. Návrat, P. Lacko, and P. Trebatický (eds.), Umelá inteligencia a kognitívna veda II. Vydavateľstvo STU, 2010.
  • Martin Homola, Andrei Tamilin, and Luciano Serafini. Modeling Contextualized Knowledge. In: Procs. of the 2nd Workshop on Context, Information and Ontologies. CEUR-WS, vol. 626, 2010.

Representation formalisms, comparisons, applications

argumentation frameworks
planning, action descriptions, action learning




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