Instructions for using this website

All employees of the department have an account, and received the password in an e-mail. If you are a new employee, please request your account by sending a mail to Only administrator can create a new account. External visitors are not allowed to edit the pages.

Here are the rules of using/editing this website:

  • Only logged-in users can edit the pages (the [Edit] link appears at the top of each page) after you login.
  • Each page has a content-responsible user, who should "Watch" that page to be notified about the modifications, and who is responsible that the content is always up-to-date. Other users can make changes at the page, but should not make significant changes to the content without making contact with the responsible person first.
  • Each page should exist in the system in three versions, with respective titles:
    • PageName
    • PageName/en
    • PageName/sk
  • Do not use Slovak characters in page names!
  • Do not use forward slash ('/') in page names, they are used for language selection and confuse the whole system!
  • Do not use redirects!
  • The first form (PageName) should contain a single word: {{LangLessPlacehoder}}. The second (PageName/en) is the English language version of the page, while the third (PageName/sk) is the Slovak language version of the page.
  • In the very few cases, when you do not want to provide alternative language version, you can create a single page titled PageName, but it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED not to do so.
  • The best way to create a new page is to enter the name of the page (i.e. PageName/en) to the search box on the right, press ENTER, and then click on the first link on the page - you can start editing the page directly afterwards.
  • Always when a new page is created, one must configure the responsible person for the page, which can be done from here:
  • Then, every user can see a list of pages he or she is responsible for on his or her page titled FirstName LastName. This list is generated automatically for you. Please edit your profile at this page.
  • Everybody is encouraged to correct content with errors, mistakes, typos, etc.
  • Please learn more about the syntax of wiki in User's Guide and perhaps experiment at the test page.
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