This is wiki of Department of Applied Informatics (DAI). Wiki is a powerful tool for creation of web pages which are editable directly in the browser which visualizes them.

The purpose of our wiki is to communicate information about DAI to our colleagues, our students and to the general public as well. As an employee of DAI you can contribute to this wiki.

Any employee of the department can create an account from computer located on department LAN. Then can use the account for access from anywhere. Having access they can easily to put there any information to be available for colleagues, students or visitors.

To edit a page or its section, just click to edit label when the page is displayed. Then follow rules for wiki language. Fortunately, if you just adding info to existing structures, you do not need to know wiki language at all. Just copy a piece, modify it and save. Each list of info is starting with instructions where to copy an example which have to be used for the page extension.

You can learn more about wiki language on the test page.

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