Description of Master Program in Applied Informatics

Research of our department is focused on Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Declarative Programming. Accordingly, our master program contains subjects primarily from these areas.

See also: Recommendations for students of Master program in Applied Informatics

The guarantor of this program is Prof. RNDr. Roman Ďurikovič, PhD.

To pass the program, a student must:

  1. acquire 120 credits
  2. pass all obligatory subjects, and acquire required number of credits in obligatory-optional subjects
  3. pass the state examination and successfully defend a diploma thesis (registration for the state examination is possible only after the points 1 and 2 are satisfied)

Each row in the following table contains the following:

  • ECTS subject code, name of the course (link to the course page with short description), name of the teacher or department (link to his or her page)
  • list of prerequisite courses (recommended or required: marked by !)
  • recommended year of study (in which semester does the subject have a slot allocated in the course schedule)
  • type of the course (K - course, P - lecture, C - exercise, S - seminar, L - lab exercise, X - practice, O - short study concentration stay, D - diploma thesis, I - another form) and number of hours per week
  • number of credits
  • form of student evaluation (during semester/exam) - in percent
  • S at the end of row means that the subject is suspended in this year

Please note that in addition to the following subjects, each student can select subjects from the wide range of whole faculty subjects listed at Faculty pages.

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