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==  Publications ==
==  Publications ==

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The Dynamic networks research group at DAI, deals with the theory and applications of Complex Evolving Networks (CES)


  • Functional brain networks
  • Theory of evolving networks
  • Complex networks models
  • Applications (language lexicon)

Group Members


Our group meets every Wednesday at 14.30 (I34) to discuss topics of our research. Visitors are welcomed.


  • 2015 Štúdium biologických a neurónových sietí pomocou teórie komplexných sietí (Analysis of biological and neural networks with a help of the complex network theory / in preparation)
  • 2011/ 2013 Modely komplexných sietí a ich aplikácia v praxi.( Complex network models and their applications)
  • 2009/2011 Moderné metódy klasifikácie a predikcie spánkových stavov a straty pozornosti na základe analýzy EEG signálov