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== Excercises CG ==
== Labs - CG ==

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Fundamentals of Computer Graphics and Image Processing 1-AIN-301

Course information sheet >

Wednesday 9:50, M-I
Monday 18:10, F1-248


You can get 100 points (p) during semester, where 1pt = 1% of final grade

  • Final writen exam: 50p
  • Excercises: 50p (with minimum of 30p)
    • 4 home assignments: 4x10p (2 from CG part and 2 from IP)
    • Attendance: 10x1p


Labs - CG


Choose programming language of your liking (suggested Python/Java/Javascript)

Finished project send to adam.riecicky@fmph.uniba.sk

Stage 1 (3p)

Deadline 24.11.2019 23:59

Create a simple loader and visualizer of meshes, stored in obj. file format.

implement IndexedFace which contains array of Vec4 vertex positions and array of Int indices
Mesh import and display
load mesh from Wavefront file (.obj). [Download test models here]. Assume that all imported models are scaled to box (2x2).
display wireframe model in the center of a screen so that the Y-axis of model directs upwards and X-axis directs right. (Z is ignored)
Examples of the functional program (ignore gui)
screen 1
screen 2

Stage 2 (10p)

Deadline 15.12.2019 23:59

Add transformation controls to your tool.

implement math types Mat4 and Vec4. Add functions Multiply(Mat4, Mat4) and Multiply(Vec4, Mat4).
Transformations - must be implemented using matrix multiplication!
Add buttons that can control the transformations of the model. Each time a user requests transformation by clicking a button, a model matrix should be constructed. (Optionally added to the previous transformation)
Motel matrix can be reset to identity using a button
Construct projection matrix which performs primitive orthogonal projection and transforms the object into the viewport
Always store the original model. Do model transformation and projection for each point only before rendering
Examples of the functional program
screen 1 = Import only
screen 2 = Import only
screen 3 = Imported, translated by -0.6 in X-axis, rotated by 0.6 rad around Y-axis, rotated by 0.4 rad around Z-axis and scaled by factor 1.1, in order

Stage 3 (7p)

Deadline 12.1.2020 23:59

Enhance existing visualization tool by implementing Blinn-Phong Lightning Model

Mesh display
Implement back-face culling. Faces on the far side of the mesh should not be rendered
Display solid model - each face is a drawn as a polygon filled with color (no edges)
Final face color should be calculated as multiples of base color and intensity calculated by Blinn-Phong
Add an interface to control the direction of incoming light
Examples of the functional program
screen 1
screen 2