List of thesis (master/bachelor) topics I can tutor

List of thesis (master/bachelor) topics

Author: Roman Ďurikovič

Master thesis Topics (Appearance Models of Computer Graphics and Vision):

  • Write a system that allows you to take a geometric model and an anisotropic BRDF and "comb" the direction of anisotropy. Use this to render a horse.
  • Develop a self-shadowing theory for an anisotropic rough surface.
  • Build a virtual gonioreflectometer and use it to simulate interference on a CD. Use this to render a CD as accurately as possible. Compare with reality.
  • Model and render a human eye. For variety, you can also render a cat's eye (or any other that shows strong retroreflection).
  • Model and render a snowman.
  • Develop an appearance model for glaze and render some examples.
  • Render Venus de Milo (download the model) with a skin model that includes subsurface scattering.
  • Render a glass of milk.
  • Fit the Hanrahan-Krueger model to measured skin BRDF (data provided).
  • Develop a reflection model for car paint.
  • Develop an appearance model for a butterfly wing (including iridescence).
  • Model and render a standard-issue Gates Building office chair. Make it look realistic at all levels of detail (for fields of view from 1 square cm to the whole thing).
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