Introduction to Psychology 2-IKV-111

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mind. Through this introductory course, students of cognitive science will have the opportunity to understand several essential topics in science of psychology. After introducing the most influential schools of thought and fundaments of research methods in psychology, selected key concepts related to cognition and emotion are discussed. These concepts range from elementary psychological phenomena to more complex psychological functions concerning sensation, perception, attention, memory, thinking and creativity.



  • An Introduction to the History of Psychology (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2014)
  • Introduction to Psychology (Kalat, 2008)
  • Research in Psychology: Methods and Design (Goodwin, 2009)
  • Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology: Methodology in Experimental Psychology (Pashler & Wixted, 2002)

Note: Additional reading recommendations will be provided throughout the semester.

Schedule, teacher, and contact

Each lesson starts at 9:50 AM in room I-8 and consists of a two-hour lecture and an one-hour seminar (approximately). Course is taught by Mgr. Martin Marko, PhD.. You can contact me via email

Course Schedule at


  • Midterm: written exam (25%) & seminar projects (25%).
  • Examination period: final written exam (50%)
  • Scale: A: 91–100; B: 81–90; C: 73–80; D: 66–72; E: 60–65; Fx: 0–59.
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