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|9:50 - 12:05
|9:50 - 12:05
|[[Silvia Gáliková] &]]  
|[[Silvia Gáliková]]  

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Introduction to Philosophy of Mind 2-IKV-114

The main course objective is to provide students with an introduction to some of main topics in philosophy of mind. Students acquire knowledge of representative philosophical conceptions, theories and questions concerning the nature of human mind, such as: What is mind? What is the nature of consciousness and self? Is a scientific theory of conscious experience possible? Can we explain the subjective character of our inner lives? Students will also be acquainted with a variety of methods (theoretical, empirical, experimental) and main arguments, types of argumentation on selected problems, such as: mind/body problem, nature of self, mental causation, intentionality, subjectivity, reductionism, free will. Lectures are combined with text seminars in order to improve students´capacity to analyse critically and comment on original texts as well as to report on and defend their own opinions.

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  • Final paper due on the 13th May 2019

Course schedule

Type Day Time Room Lecturer
Lecture2/seminar1 Monday 9:50 - 12:05 M-1 Silvia Gáliková]

Assessment and evaluation

You can earn points in the assessment activities spread throughout the semester listed in the following table. The table also shows the required minima and possible maximal point evaluations.

Activity Possible maximum Required minimum
Teaching period Activity during the seminar 10 0
Test 10 0
Examination period Final paper 80 40
Course total 100 50

The final mark will be awarded according to the following table:

Course evaluation
Points earned Mark
〈90, 100〉 A
〈80, 90) B
〈70, 60) C
〈60, 70) D
〈50, 60) E
〈0, 50) FX