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== Study materials ==
== Study materials ==
# [[Media:Course:Example-lec01.pdf|An introduction to the introduction]] (internal file uploaded to wiki)
* [https://dai.fmph.uniba.sk/courses/ehc/public/lec03.pdf Introduction]
# [[Media:Course:Example-lec02.pdf|The introduction proper]] (link to file which has not been uploaded yet; clicking it will show an upload form)
* [https://dai.fmph.uniba.sk/courses/ehc/private/chapter.pdf Book chapter]
# [https://github.com/FMFI-UK-1-AIN-412/lpi/raw/master/docs/lecs/lec03.pdf Introduction (contd.)] (an external resource)
== Teachers ==
== Teachers ==

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Evolution of Human Communication 2-IKVa-193

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Study materials


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when and where

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