Current Trends in Cognitive Psychology 2-IKV-141

Objectives of this course is to provide insight into current topics in Cognitive Psychology. This include the relation between psychology and ethology, contemporary approches to Intelligence and decision making, Cognitive illusions and biases and emotionality.


Because of plague, we shall not meet untill March 24th. I will provide more texts, please make summaries as discused.

Course schedule

Type Day Time Room Lecturer
Seminar Tuesday 9:00 - 11:30 I-8 Tomáš Gál


Current Trends in Cognitive Psychology, Summer 2020
Thema Presentation Date Materials
Introduction Methodology 25. 2. Validity and Rentability in Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Projects brainstorming 3. 3. Project managemant
From Ethology to Psychology (1) 10. 3. Are bigger brains better?
From Ethology to Psychology (2) 17. 3. The foundations of the human cultural niche
Perception 24. 3. Language, thought, and color
Thinking Slow & Fast 31. 3. Biased thinking
Intelligence and Decission making 7. 4. How do we get meanings from information
Affective and Cognitive Empathy 21. 4. Two systems of Empathy
Cognitive Illusions 28. 4. Models of Affective Decision Making
Practical enhancements 5. 5. Human-Machine-Interface
Concluding Coloquium 12. 5.

Supplemental reading and references

  • KAHNEMAN, D. (2011) Thinking, fast and slow. Macmillan.
  • GOLDBERG, E. (2009): The New Executive Brain, Oxford, Oxford University Press
  • STAINTON, R. J. (2005) Contemporary debates in Cognitive Science. Oxford, Blackwell
  • STERNBERG, R. J., STERNBERG, K. (2011) Cognitive Psychology. Belmont, Wadsworth (6ed)

Course grading

Semestral evaluation: active participation by sending resumes of provided texts. Exam: project presentation at coloquium.

Ongoing Evaluation
10. 3. 17. 3. 24. 3. 31. 3. 7. 4. 21. 4. 28. 4. 5. 5.
Štefan H.
Ľubica K.
Wilma K.
Kevin P.
Viktor S.
Anton Š.
Michal K.


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