Computer Graphics Applications

This lecture ...

  • Will focus on interdisciplinary applications of computer graphics
  • Will show you what are current topics in
    • information systems with graphics interface in medicine
    • geology graphics
    • big data applications, visual computing
  • Will improve your skills in
    • Presentations
  • Hopefully will not be boring


During the course of this lecture we study the pioneering works and their respective advanced techniques or systems described in research paper from the journal IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications and recent papers from the Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques, top conferences ACM SIGGRAPH or EUROGRAPHICS. The list of top journals from Computer Graphics applications is available List or on famous Ke-Sen Huang's Home Page.

What you Need to Pass

  • Attend lessons. All lessons attended is +0 points. Four and more missed is Fx.
  • Select a paper from the journal. Copy the DOI number or download PDF.
  • Download the paper PDF for free
    • Copy the DOI of you paper from the IEEE CGA page
    • Paste the DOI to the page Sci-Hub
    • PDF will open and save it locally
  • Sent email with your name, date of presentation, and link to the paper. Send link to your PDF slides before presentation. Deadline: 5. september 2020
  • Prepare the slides, additional material related to the paper topic, recent similar research, what other research groups do, prepare animation, images, explain the mathematical ideas and equations, explain the novelty of the research.
  • Grades
    • A = 92-100
    • B = 84-91
    • C = 76-83
    • D = 68-75
    • E = 60-67
    • Fx = 0-59

Lesson01 "Introduction to Computer Graphics Applications"

  • Design
  • User Interfaces
  • Machine Drawing
  • Visualization
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Presentation Graphics
  • Computer Art
  • Training
  • Image Processing
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