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   | evaluation = 50/50
   | evaluation = 50/50
   | webpage = you are reading it
   | webpage = you are reading it
   | teacher = [[Martin Homola]], [[Martin Balaz|Martin Baláž]], [[Alexander Simko|Alexander Šimko]]
   | teacher = [[Martin Homola]], [[Martin Balaz|Martin Baláž]] (lectures), [[Alexander Simko|Alexander Šimko]](labs)
   | email = teaching[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]tbc.sk, balaz[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]ii.fmph.uniba.sk
   | email = teaching[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]tbc.sk, balaz[[Image:zavinac.gif|@]]ii.fmph.uniba.sk
   | homepage = http://www.dai.fmph.uniba.sk/w/Computational_Logic
   | homepage = http://www.dai.fmph.uniba.sk/w/Computational_Logic

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Course opens in winter semester 2011/2012. First lecture: Tue 20 September 2011 in lecture room F-109. See more details below.

Computational Logic 2-AIN-108

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Course name and code: Computational Logic (2-AIN-108)
Prerequisite courses: none
Available in/recommended study year: Winter semester / 1
Form and # of hours/week: L - lecture (2), P - practicals (2)
Credits: 5
Evaluation (semester/exam): 50/50
Course webpage: you are reading it
Information sheet: 2-AIN-108 information sheet
Teacher(s): Martin Homola, Martin Baláž (lectures), Alexander Šimko(labs)
E-mail: teaching@tbc.sk, balaz@ii.fmph.uniba.sk
Homepage(s): http://www.dai.fmph.uniba.sk/w/Computational_Logic

Short description:

The course introduces logic as a method for computational problem solving. It introduces multiple practical logics and logic based systems such as logic programs, modal logics, description logics and ontologies, multi context systems, etc. with readily available reasoners.

Offered in these study programs: Compulsory elective for the Master program in Applied Informatics

Recommendations: none

Basic Information

  • lectures: Tue 13:10 2h F-109
  • labs: Wed 9:50 2h II
  • labs: Wed 8:10 2h H6

Evaluation and Conditions

There will be a midterm and a final exam. During the semester you can earn evaluation points at the practicals (possibly for homeworks) and by participating on the wiki-based collaborative lecture notes. You can earn up to 102 points:

  • practicals: 3 pts every week (6 weeks)
  • lecture notes: 3 pts every week (12 weeks)
  • midterm: 15 pts
  • exam: 30 pts

The following grading scale will be used: