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* Materials
* Materials
** [http://www.netgraphics.sk/projection projection and projection equations]
** [http://www.netgraphics.sk/projection projection and projection equations]
** [arcsynthesis.org/gltut/Positionin/Tut04%20Perspective%20Projection.html projection from 2D to 1D]
** [http://arcsynthesis.org/gltut/Positionin/Tut04%20Perspective%20Projection.html projection from 2D to 1D]
* '''Sample''': [[File:CG1.Ex05.zip]]
* '''Sample''': [[File:CG1.Ex05.zip]]
* '''Template''': [[File:CG1.Ex05.Template.zip]]
* '''Template''': [[File:CG1.Ex05.Template.zip]]

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Cg1 2011 650.png

Practical Seminars on Computer Graphics 1 (Winter 2011)

  • On every seminar we will implement selected problems/algorithms from lessons. We will usually start with a prearranged template downloadable from with site.
  • As a programming language we will use C#. We will use Visual C# 2010 Express as development environment. Alternatively you can use MonoDevelop (Linux / Mac OSX) on your own machine.
  • Your code should be well formatted and commented. Titles of functions, classes, variables should be representative for their purpose.
  • Every week you have to finish and submit the assignment as homework.
  • At the end of the semester you have to submit the project.
  • Any kind of cheating is punished by withholding 15 points for all involved students. Situation where only part of code is shared is also considered cheating!
  • Attendance at seminars is optional but recommended. Your activity during seminar can be awarded with max 5 bonus points during the semester.
  • Seminars are conducted by
    • Matej Hudak (subseth.mato@gmail.com)
    • Juraj Onderik (wonderik@gmail.com)
  • Schedule of seminars is
    • Tue (8:10) - Room H6
    • Tue (18:10 - Room H3
    • Wed (18:10) - Room F248


  • As a homework, you will program what we could not finish during exercise. Assignment and template will be downloadable from this site. See exercises.
  • Homework must be submitted by email to cg1.2011.hw@gmail.com every week until next monday 23:59.
  • Your submission email must have title in form 'ExNN' where NN is the number of exercise, eg. Ex05.
  • You can get max 3 points per homework, totally 33 points. Late submission is for 0 points.
  • It is required to submit zipped source code of your homework. Do not send executable files. Homework without source code is for 0 points!


  • Project must be submitted by email to cg1.2011.hw@gmail.com until 15.1.2011.
  • You can get max 12 points for your project.
  • It is required to submit source code of your project. Executable files are optional. Projects without source code is for 0 points!
  • Project assignment
    • TODO


  • Submission: cg1.2011.hw@gmail.com
  • Homeworks: +33 points (11x3) /deadline monday 23:59/ /email title: ExNN/
  • Project: +12 points /deadline 15.1.2011/
  • Cheating: -15 points
  • Minimum: +20 points /total: 45 points/
  • Attendance: Optional
  • YOUR EVALUATION ! (we add points continuously)


Exercise01 [20/21.9] "Introduction"

  • There are no points for this seminar.
  • csharp tutorials
  • visual c# tutorials
  • Visual Studio Tips
    • F2: Rename object/class/property/field...
    • F5: Build and debug solution
    • Shift + F5: Stop debugging solution
    • F9: Add/Remove break-point at current line
    • F12: Navigate to definition/declaration of object/class...
    • CTRL + Space: List members of object/class after "." or parameters of method after "("

Exercise02 [27/28.9] "Vectors and Matrices"

  • Introduction to C#
  • classes: Vector3, Matrix33
  • Add(V3, V3), Sub(V3, V3), Cross(V3, V3), Dot(V3, V3)
  • Add(M3, M3), Mul(M3, M3), Sub(M3, M3)
  • Mul(M3, V3), Mul(V3, M3)
  • Gui calculator:
    • 3x1 vector (operator) 3x1 vector = 3x1 vector
    • 3x3 matrix (operator) 3x3 matrix = 3x3 matrix
  • Assignment
    • Create a simple application for vectors(3x1) and matrices(3x3). Create classes Vector3 a Matrix33. Create GUI according to final sample. Implement operations for vectors: W = U + V, W = U - V, W.X = Dot(U,V), W = Cross(U,V), W.X = U.Length and for matrices: C = A + B, C = A - B, C = A * B, W = A * V, W = U * B. Implement them as operators '+', '-', '*',.. Create calculator application with all operations working similar as in final sample.
    • Final sample Súbor:Ex2.zip
    • template for homework Súbor:Temp.zip

Exercise03 [04/05.10] "Transformations 1"

  • classes: Vector4, Matrix44, Polyline
  • A.Transpose(), A.Inverse(), A.Determinant()
  • RotateX/Y/Z/XYZ
  • Translate(K), Scale(K)
  • Drawing
    • Polyline
    • Free
  • Assignment
    • Create a simple application with transformations and drawing. In transformations implement operations in Matrix44 labeled 'To Do'. In drawing implement free drawing using mouse left button_(down, move, up). Fill all sections labeled 'To Do'. Create 'Clear All' button. Create final application with all operations working similar as in final sample.
    • Final sample Súbor:Ex3.zip
    • template for homework and seminar - Súbor:TemplateEx3.zip
    • Inverse Matrix: [1]

Exercise04 [11/12.10] "Transformations 2" (Onderik)

  • Implement definition and modification of simple polyline objects. Following functionality have to be implemented based on the mouse butons and modifier keys.
  • Left MB: Select pivot of one closest polyline.
  • Left MB + SHIFT: Select more pivots.
  • Left MB + CTRL: Create and place new polyline at the mouse cursor.
  • Left MB + ALT: Add new point to the first selected polyline at mouse cursor.
  • Right MB: Move seleted polylines in plane XY.
  • Right MB + CTRL: Rotate selected polylines around Z-axis in XY plane.
  • Right MB + SHIFT: Scale selected polylines uniformely in XY plane.
  • Sample: Súbor:CG1.Ex04.zip
  • Template: Súbor:CG1.Ex04.Template.zip

Exercise05 [18/19.10] "Projection" (Hudak)

Exercise06 [25/26.10] "Rasterization of Line" (Onderik)

Exercise07 [8/9.11] "Rasterization of Elipse" (Hudak)

Exercise08 [15/16.11] "Scanline of Polygon" (Onderik)

Exercise09 [22/23.11] "Flood Fill" (Hudak)

Exercise10 [29/30.11] "Clipping 1" (Onderik)

Exercise11 [06/07.12] "Clipping 2" (Hudak)

Exercise12 [13/14.12] "Visibility" (Onderik)