Bachelor program in Applied Informatics 2009/2010

This is a program composition according to the previous accreditaion. Hypertext links in this page may be non-functional, out of date, or point to a current version of the subject, which may be taught in a different way.

From the year 2010/2011, a new study program has been approved and put in use.

The guarantor of this program in the year 2009/2010 was Doc. RNDr. Mária Markošová, PhD.

Obligatory subjects

1-AIN-110 Mathematics (1) Prešnajder P. 1/W C4 6 50/50
1-AIN-120 Discrete Mathematics (1) Jajcayová T. 1/W C4 6 50/50
1-AIN-130 Programming (1) Blaho A. 1/W L4,P2 8 50/50
1-AIN-140 Computer Principles - Hardware Fischer Ľ. 1/W C4 5 50/50
1-AIN-150 Mathematics (2) Prešnajder P. 1-AIN-110! 1/S C4 6 50/50
1-AIN-160 Discrete Mathematics (2) Jajcayová T. 1-AIN-120! 1/S C4 6 50/50
1-AIN-170 Programming (2) Blaho A. 1-AIN-130! 1/S L2,P2 6 50/50
1-AIN-180 Computer Principles - Operating Systems Blaho A. 1/S C4 5 75/25
1-AIN-210 Algorithms and Data Structures Kubincová Z. 1-AIN-170! 2/W C4 5 0/100
1-AIN-220 Programming (Algorithms in Java) (3) Borovanský P. 2/W C4 5 50/50
1-AIN-230 Project (1) Blaho A. 2/W S1 1 100/0
1-INF-260 Computer Networks Bebják A. 2/S L3 4 0/100
1-AIN-240 Graphical Systems, Visualization, Multimedia Ferko A. 2/S C3 4 50/50
1-AIN-250 Fundamentals of Enterprise and Management Papula J. 2/S C2 3 0/100
1-AIN-260 Project (2) Blaho A. 2/S S1 2 100/0
1-AIN-910 BSc Project Markošová M., Blaho A. 3/S D 5 0/100
1-AIN-920 BSc Seminar Blaho A., Petrovič Pa. 3/S S1 1 100/0

Obligatory-Optional Subjects
choice under the terms in blocks, in total 48 credits in 2 blocks

  • Set of Theoretical Subjects, obligatory choice: 12 credits
1-AIN-505 Introduction to Declarative Programming Kľuka J., Voda P. 1/S L1,P2 4 60/40
1-INF-215 Formal Languages and Automata (1) Rovan B. 2/W L3,P1 6 30/70
1-AIN-410 Mathematics (3) Jajcayová T. 2/W C4 5 50/50
1-INF-210 Introduction to Mathematical Logic Toman E., Šuster B. 2/W L2,P2 6 20/80
1-AIN-625 Introduction to Mathematical Logic for Programmers Komara J. 2/W C4 6 40/60
1-AIN-470 Specification and Verification of Programs Komara J. 2/S C4 6 60/40
1-AIN-411 Introduction to Computational Logic Homola M., Šefránek J. 2/S L2,P2 5 50/50 S
1-AIN-430 Programming Paradigms Borovanský P. 2/S C4 5 50/50
1-INF-540 Geometry for Graphics Božek M. 3/W C4 5 50/50
1-INF-310 Design of Effective Algorithms Ďuriš P. 1-INF-220! and 1-INF-160! 3/W L3,P1 6 30/70
1-AIN-360 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (1) Markošová M. 3/W L2,P2 6 40/60
1-INF-545 Geometric Transformations Božek M. 1-INF-540 3/S C2 4 50/50
1-AIN-670 Expert Systems Popper M. 3/S L2,P2 6 40/60
1-AIN-480 Neural Networks Farkaš I. 3/S L2,P2 6 50/50
  • Set of Applied Subjects, obligatory choice: 12 credits
1-INF-175 Social Aspects of Informatics Winczer M. 1/S C2 2 50/50
1-AIN-500 Linux for Users Vittek M. 1/S C2 2 100/0
1-INF-230 Introduction to Database Systems Plachetka T., Mačajová E. Limit: 145 students 2/W L2,P2 5 50/50
1-AIN-425 Declarative Programming of Web Applications Kľuka J., Voda P. 1-AIN-505 2/W L1,P2 4 60/40
1-AIN-515 Calculations in Science and Technology Šťavina P., Masarik J. 2/W C3 4 50/50
1-AIN-510 Linux - Principles and Means Nagy M. 2/W C2 3 50/50
1-INF-500 Databases Šturc J. 1-INF-230! 2/S L3,LP1 6 30/70
1-AIN-520 Statistical Calculations Lamoš F. (KAMS) 2/S C3 4 50/50
1-AIN-525 Programming Techniques in C++ Gyárfáš F. 2/S C4 5 50/50
1-INF-550 Web Graphics Ferko A. 3/W C4 5 50/50
1-AIN-530 Multimedia Lúčan Ľ., Ftáčnik M. 3/W L2 2 40/60
1-INF-505 Hypermedia Systems (web technologies) Risak V. 3/W C4 6 40/60
1-INF-510 Unix for System Administrators Janáček J. 3/W L2,LP1 4 40/60
1-AIN-535 Modelling and Rendering Techniques Ďurikovič R. 3/W C4 6 50/50
1-INF-515 Principles of Software Design KI 3/S L3,LP2 5 25/75
1-INF-520 Introduction to Information Security Olejár D., Stanek M. 3/S L3 4 0/100
1-AIN-540 Advanced Programming Techniques Salanci Ľ. Limit: 20 students 3/S C4 6 50/50
1-AIN-545 Geometric Objects Representation Zaťko V. 1-AIN-535 3/S C4 5 50/50
1-AIN-550 Image Processing Fundamentals Ftáčnik M. 3/S C3 4 50/50


1-AIN-610 Creating Web Documents Hrušecký R., Nagy M. 1/W C3 3 50/50
1-INF-810 Time-Restricted Programming (1) Winczer M., Královič Ra. 1/W LP2 2 100/0
1-AIN-615 Introduction to Web Applications Hrušecký R., Nagy M. 1-AIN-610 1/S C3 3 50/50
1-AIN-636 Modern Approaches to Web Design Homola, M. 1,2/W L2,P2 6 50/50
1-AIN-612 Development of Accessible E-documents and Programs for Visually Impaired KAI 1-3/W C2 3 100/0
1-AIN-111 Mathematics Complementary Classes (1) Prešnajder P. 1/W P2 2 100/0
1-AIN-151 Mathematics Complementary Classes (2) Prešnajder P. 1/S P2 2 100/0
1-INF-815 Time-Restricted Programming (2) Winczer M., Královič Ra. 1/S LP2 2 100/0
1-INF-605 Mathematical Analysis (3) Rostás K. 1-INF-150! 2/W L3,P1 6 20/80
1-INF-410 Formal Languages and Automata (2) Rovan B. 1-INF-215! and 1-INF-220 2/S L3,P1 6 30/70
1-INF-415 Introduction to Theory of Programming Prívara I., Guller D. 2/S C3 4 20/80
1-INF-420 Combinatorial Analysis (1) Olejár D., Stanek M. 1-INF-160! 2/S C4 5 0/100
1-AIN-680 Extreme Programming Gyárfáš F. 2/S S2 3 50/50 s
1-INF-675 GNU/Linux - Principles and Means Šrámek M. 3/W C2 3 100/0
1-AIN-617 Answer Set Programming Baláž M., Šefránek J. 3/W L2,P2 6 25/75
1-INF-695 OpenGL Samuelčík M. 3/W C2 3 100/0
1-INF-430 Graph Theory Škoviera M. 1-INF-160! 3/W L3,P1 6 0/100
1-INF-435 Probability and Statistics Harman R. 3/W L3,P1 5 30/70
2-INF-132 Introduction to Distributed Algorithms Královič Ra. 3/W L4 6 30/70
2-INF-122 Theory of Parallel Computations Rovan B. 1-INF-215! 3/W L4 6 0/100
1-INF-645 Theory of Programming Prívara I., Guller D. 3/W C3 4 0/100 S
1-AIN-630 Formal Semantics and Theory of Correctness KI 3/W L3 6 50/50
1-AIN-655 Heuristic Methods Ftáčnik M. 3/W C2 3 100/0
1-AIN-685 Intelligent Techniques in e-learning Gyárfáš F. Limit: 50 students 3/W S2 3 50/50
1-AIN-616 Symbolic Programming and LISP Baláž M., Šefránek J. 3/S L2,P2 6 50/50
1-INF-470 Semantic Fundamentals of Knowledge Systems Šefránek J. 3/S C4 6 20/80
2-INF-129 Introduction to Parallel Programming Gruska D. 3/S L3,P1 6 20/80
1-INF-440 Numerical Mathematics Valková A. 1-INF-150! and 1-INF-155! 3/S C3 4 20/80
2-INF-124 Computational Complexity Ďuriš P. 1-INF-215! and 1-INF-410 3/S L3,P1 6 0/100
1-INF-630 Optimization Methods (1) Hamala M. 3/S L2,P2 6 0/100
1-AIN-675 Philosophy of Internet Gyárfáš F. Limit: 50 students 3/S L2 3 50/50
2-INF-127 Formal Specifications Prívara I. 3/S L4 6 0/100
1-AIN-611 Creative Writing Gyárfáš F. 3/S S2 3 50/50
1-AIN-521 Database Systems Implementation Petrovič Pa., Golian R. 2/S L2,LP2 5 60/40
1-AIN-172 Programming (4) Borovanský P. 3/W C4 5 60/40
1-AIN-551 Algorithms for AI Robotics Petrovič Pa. 3/S L2,LP1 4 50/50
1-AIN-511 Functional Programming Borovanský P. 3/W C2 3 50/50
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