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Subject name: BSc Seminar
Code: 1-AIN-920
Prerequisite courses:: none
Available in: summer semester
Recommended study year: 3
Study form: S
Number of hours per week: 1
Number of credits: 1
Evaluation (semester/exam): 100/0
Course webpage: Bachelor Seminar

Teacher: Mgr. Pavel Petrovič, PhD., RNDr. Andrej Blaho
E-mail: petrovic@ii.fmph.uniba.sk, blaho@fmph.uniba.sk
Homepage: http://ii.fmph.uniba.sk/~petrovic/ http://www.andrej.input.sk/

Short description:

Get acquainted with research work and with writing scientific publications. Discussions about project approach to problem solving, introduction to the basics of acquiring and presenting research results.

Offered in these study programs: Obligatory in Bachelor program in Applied Informatics

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