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Invited talk of prof. Matthias Scheutz at MEICogSci X-mas meeting

As part of traditional pre-Christmas meeting of the students of international master program in Cognitive Science (MEICogSci) from Vienna, Ljubljana, and Bratislava, prof. Matthias Scheutz from the Human-Robot Interaction Laboratory at Tufts university presented a talk about his work Investigating Multimodal Real-Time Patterns of Joint Attention in an HRI Word Learning Task. The meeting continued with an overview of study program of the institutions in Vienna, presented by Prof. Markus Peschl, Ljubljana, prepared by Urban Kordeš, and Bratislava, described by prof. Igor Farkaš. The meeting continued with informal social program at the faculty and in the city centre. More information about the presenter's work:

FIRST LEGO League in Slovakia

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is organizing the regional FLL tournament that will take place in "Univerzitné pastoračné centrum" from 9.00 to 16.30. The teams will compete in categories Robot-Game, Research Presentation, Team Work and Robot-Design. The best two teams are to advance to semi-finals round that will take place in Gdansk in December 3rd.

Integrating Action and Language in Humanoid Robots

talk from domain of robotics and cognitive science, dealing with experiments with the iCub robot. Talk by Martin Peniak, PhD student working on ITALK FP7 at Plymouth university

Student seminár CESCG and conference SCCG

Spring Conference on Computer Graphics ( and student seminar CESCG ( will take place in Hotel Galbov Mlyn in Viničné in late April and early May.

Professional growth of our colleagues

Tomáš Vinař obtained from the minister of education of SR a prize in category "Personality in science and technology under 35" for his work (article).

Ľubica Beňušková will give a talk, within the inauguration procedure, on January 10, 2011, with the topic on Computational neurogenetics - a new paradigm in artificial intelligence (announcement).

Igor Farkaš got a grant from Humboldt foundation for purchasing equipment (EEG measuring device and basic robotic equipment) for experimental research in cognitive science (article on website of German embassy).


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PhD Defenses in Computer Science

Further series of PhD defenses of theses in Computer Science, and Informatics Education will be taking place in November. Doctoral students, and interested visitors are welcome!

Seminar with prof. Brendan McCane

We invite you to the talk "Characterizing Smooth Shapes" of prof. McCane, head of the Department of Computer Science at University in Otago, Dunedin, New Zeeland.

Abstrakt: In much of the biological literature, shape is represented by finite sets of points based on biological landmarks. This is the basis for most of morphometrics (statistics of shape) and comes from the underlying notion of biological homology. However, there are many shapes for which there are no easily definable landmarks, yet it is still meaningful to want to measure how such shapes change across a population. In this talk, I will introduce some recent work I have been doing on matching and characterizing smooth shapes in two dimensions.

Robotics in Education

We invite all interested students, teachers and researchers to follow the international conference on Robotics in Education, organized by URPI FEI STU in cooperation with our department.

For bachelor level AIN students

If you do not have your grade in your index, please contact your teacher. In the exceptional case if your teacher is not present (fellowship at the other university, long illness)you may contact garant Doc. Maria Markosova. You shall arrange for mail from your teacher, or for some other proof of the value of your grade.
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PhD Defenses in Computer Science

Several PhD defenses of theses in Computer Science, and Informatics Education will be taking place in September. Doctoral students, and interested visitors are welcome!

Students seminar CESCG and conference SCCG

Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG, is the oldest annnual meeting of Computer Graphics scientific community in Central Europe. The 26th round will take place in May 2010 in Budmerice. It will be preceded by the 14th year of CESCG (, a unique student seminar,
a meeting place of students from tens of European universities. These events together will celebrate the 40th "anniversary", and together with the artistic exhibit Analog versus Digital, unofficially, they form a Middleuropean festival of computer graphics. Image:cescg.png

Student Scientific Conference FMFI UK 2010

In the jubilee 30th year of the existence of our faculty, more than 100 students of bachelor, master, and doctoral study programmes will take part in the conference. The presentations will be divided into the following sections in the rooms of the Mathematics block:
  1. Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  2. Geometry, Algebra and Topology
  3. Theoretical Computer Science and Graph Theory
  4. Applied Computer Science
  5. Computer Graphics
  1. Nuclear Physics
  2. Theoretical Physics
  3. Biophsics
  4. Experimental Physics
  5. Didactics
In the lecture room A, from 14:30 to 15:30, you can attend the plenary talk of Doc.RNDr. Miroslav Grajcar, CSc.: "Kvantové umelé štruktúry a kvantové počítače."
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Information technologies in praxis 2010

The third year of conference with contributions from analysts, software architects, and programmers from Softec and Centaur, dedicated to the students of Informatics and Information Technologies at STU and CUB will take place on April the 26th 2010, at 14:00, in the lecture room B, entrance is free of charge.

OCR software for mathematical documents - InftyReader

Seminar with presentation of the InftyReader program. This may be of interest to everybody who works with mathematical texts.

OCR software for mathematical documents - InftyReader
prof. Masakazu Suzuki, Kyushu University
Friday, February 19th 2010, 10:30, room I-9
Abstract: "InftyReader" is OCR software developed in Kyushu University to convert scanned images or PDF of mathematical documents into various "editable" form documents: XML, LaTeX sources, MathML, Word documents, etc. It segments the page images automatically into figures, tables, and text areas, and then recognizes ordinary texts and mathematical formulae in the text areas by using different OCR engines. Recognized results can be edited easily by using WYSIWYG authoring tool "InftyEditor" comparing the results with the original images. In the talk, after brief description of our Infty system, I will give demonstrations of the newest version of InftyReader and InftyEditor. A newly developed authoring tool for mathematical multimedia documents of DAISY standard format will also be presented.

Kognícia a umelý život X (Cognition and Artificial Life X)

The jubilee tenth Czech-Slovak meeting on cognition and artificial life will take place in hotel Sepetná by Ostravice under Beskydy mountains. The seminar has a tradition of several years, and provides a space for presentation of the results and aims of the researchers in the areas of cognition, artificial life, and artificial intelligence from Bohemia and Slovakia. The goal of the seminar is to forster interdisciplinary dialog between the scientific disciplines unified by the interest in this field.



Scientific Seminars

Our department runs or participates in various research seminars that are usually open also for students who have a deeper interest in research topics or wish to join research efforts of the department.

FIRST LEGO League in Slovakia

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics is organizer of the regional FLL tournament. This year's task has just been published at the contest website. We invite all the interested students aged 10-16 years to join the contest.

CENTROBOT Robot Summer School

The course will feature comprehensive introductory lectures, paired with all the specifics you will need to face the challenge of building your own robot and in the culmination of what might be the time of your life you will test your design against the designs of your fellow participants.

7th Czech and Slovak ACM Student Research Competition 2009

Students are invited to submit their contributions to the Czech and Slovak ACM Student Research Competition 2009. Students of bachelor and master study programmes of Czech and Slovak universities can participate. The conference is sposored by Microsoft. The individual participants present their work in the area of computer science and information technologies. Information, important dates, registration, and required format are described at the contest website.

Spring Conference on Computer Graphics

25th year of Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (SCCG) was launched in Budmerice today. The conference allows the best students and young researchers to meet the leading experts in the field, this year including Prof. Alan CHALMERS, Prof. Tor DOKKEN and Doc. Michael WIMMER. Every year, the computer graphics students compete to participate at the conference in a contest of Slovak Society for Informatics. The conferece was preceded by an international student seminar CESCG, sponsored by leading IT company AUTODESK.

Information Technologies in Practice 2009

Students are invited to participate at conference Information Technologies in Practice that aims to introduce modern technologies and principles of information systems development to the students of computer and information science and engineering at Slovak University of Technology and Comenius University in Bratislava. The conference is organized by the companies Softec and Centaur in cooperation with FIIT STU and it is part of the Week of cooperation with the industry 2009. The conference will take place in the building of STU, at Ilkovičova street 3 on Wednesday, March 5th 2009 at 14.00. FREE ENTRANCE.

State examination in Master program in Applied Informatics

The sylabus for the state examination in master program in Applied Informatics for the school year 2008/2009 has been published in the Education section of the department website.

Cognition and Artificial Life IX

This year our department organizes Slovak - Czech conference on Cognition and Artificial Life

Changes in the study programmes

The following are the changes in summer semester 2008/2009 from the plan published in the study handbook:
  • 2-INF-150, Machine Learning - moved to summer, lecturer changed
  • 2-INF-147, Searching in text - opened, lecturer changed
  • 2-AIN-504, Bioinformatics Seminar (2) - opened, lecturer changed
  • 2-IKV-112 Modern social theories – moved to summer, lecturer changed
  • 2-AIN-181, Evolutionary algorithms - moved to summer
  • 2-AIN-104, Computational modeling of cognitive processes - Kvasnička, V. (FIIT, DE 150 Friday 10:00)

Lecturer changed:

  • 2-AIN-143, Qualitative modeling and simulation - Macko, M.
  • 2-IKV-141, New trends in cognitive psychology – Chudý, V.
  • 2-IKV-183, Psycholinguistics - Bašnáková, J.


  • 1-AIN-680 Extreme programming (done in winter semester)
  • 1-AIN-646 Description logics, ontologies and semantic web - Homola, M. (moved to winter semester 2009/2010)
  • 2-IKV-262, Computational psycholinguistics - Farkaš, I.
  • 2-IKV-234, Knowledge Systems - Popper M.
  • 2-IKV-182, Current theories of consciousness - Gál, E.

Seminar: Dr. Susanne Reiterer (Department of Neuroradiology, University of Tübingen, Germany) - Language talent: preliminary results from a large scale psycholinguistic and brain imaging study

In recent years we can observe an increasing interest into investigating individual differences in language learning capacity (talent or aptitude) with brain imaging techniques such as, in the first place, functional and anatomical magnetic resonance imaging. We performed a large-scale series of investigations of 130 individually gifted second language learners, scrutinizing their productive and perceptive second language capacities, their psychological profiles (e.g. personality), as well as their brains, by performing anatomical and functional MRI scans. In my talk I will try to give an overview of the preliminary results of our large sample studied.



ABCD Workshop on Automata Theoretic Methods in Algorithmic Algebra

International workshop that is organized at our Department from Monday to Wednesday is part of European program AutoMathA: Automata, Mathematics and Applications that is supported by the European Science Foundation. The main topics of the workshop are Automata and Logic, Automata and Groups, and Growth Functions. The lectures are public, you are invited to attend.

FIRST LEGO League in Slovakia

On Friday, November 14th, the FIRST LEGO League contest, organized by the Department of Informatics Education and our department took place in University Pastoral Center. See the video from contest published at Aktualne.SK

Security of Web Applications (Invited Lecture)

The course Modern Approaches to Web Design features an invited lecture "Security of web applications" by Pavol Lupák (Nethemba, OWASP). The lecture will give an insightful overview to of applications security and then concentrate on new types of security treats related to newly emerging web technology (AJAX, XML).

Topics of Bachelor and Master Theses

Department of Applied Informatics has published the list of Bachelor and Master theses topics for the year 2008/2009. This list may be further updated. Students may inform the prospective advisers that they are interested in respective topics and ask them about further information about the topics.
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Public inauguration lecture of doc. Ing. Miloš Šrámek, PhD.

The faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics invites to the public inauguration lecture of doc. Ing. Miloš Šrámek, PhD. that will take place in auditorium C, on September 18th 2008 at 13:00 on the topic "Challenges of volumetric projections in medicine".

Special AI Seminar with guests Chiaki Sakama and Katsumi Inoue

On September the 6th we will welcome prof. Chiaki Sakama from Wakayama University and prof. Katsumi Inoue from National Institute of Informatics in Japan. There will be a special seminar with invited talks by prof. Sakama and prof. Inoue in room I-9. Everyone is kindly invited.

Launching the new website of the department

With the start of the new semester, we are launching this new and fresh website of our department, which now serves as the official website. You find here links and information to about all the subjects provided by our department, information about our research projects and other activities. Now, thanks to the Wiki technology, the content can be generated by all employees of the department, and we wish this will become a useful tool for both us and our students, as well as for public visitors. We wish to maintain the webpages in both Slovak and English languages. Please drop us a line at daiwebImage:zavinac.gif

Diploma theses defence

The 'last' graduates in the direction of Artificial Intelligence defended their theses. Look at a few snapshots from their presentations.
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