Cognitive Psychology 2-IKV-113

Basic info

Course Description

This course introduces the basics of human cognition, a field of study that covers theories and models of sensation, perception, attention, learning and memory. Cognition is the study of how we take in information about the world, make sense of it, store it for later use, and then (try to) retrieve it when we think it will come in handy. Biological approaches of cognition (i.e., cognitive neuroscience) will be pronounced during the lectures to facilitate the understanding of the fundamental cognitive mechanisms and processes. Overall, the goal of this course is to present current theories, methods and results of research on individual components of the cognitive architecture of the mind.

Main Topics

  • Introductory lecture
  • Sensation
  • Perception
  • Attention
  • Sensory & Short-term memory
  • Working memory
  • Long-term memory
  • Mental representations
  • Executive functions & Thinking
  • Cognition and Emotions
  • Language

Important note: the lectures of this course cover a substantial amount of learning material that is required for state exams.

Requirements and Assignments

  • Midterm exam
  • Final exam
  • Seminar presentations, projects, and/or readings (specified within the first lecture)
  • Attendance and activity

Important note: the assignments (student projects/essays) may change depending on the number of students attending the course. Specific details pertaining to the course management & requirements are introduced and discussed at the very first lecture. Within the first seminar, students are presented with a number of recommended topic to chose from for their project/essay.


  • Cognitive Psychology (Sternberg, 2012)
  • Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind (Friedenberg & Silverman,)
  • Memory (Baddeley, Keysenck, Anderson, 2015 )
  • Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology: Methodology in Experimental Psychology (Pashler & Wixted, 2002)

Important note: throughout the semester, students will be provided with online materials, mostly including powerpoint/pdf presentations, and additional supplementary materials, such as scientific articles that are related to the current topics.

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