Computer Vision Applications 2-AIN-233

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Course name and code: Computer Vision Applications (2-AIN-233)
Prerequisite courses: none
Available in/recommended study year: Winter semester / 2
Form and # of hours/week: S - seminar (2)
Credits: 3
Evaluation (semester/exam): 100/0
Course webpage: not available
Information sheet: 2-AIN-233 information sheet
Teacher(s): RNDr. Elena Šikudová, PhD.

Short description:

not available

Offered in these study programs: Obligatory-optional in Master program in Applied Informatics

Recommendations: none


The class is taught by RNDr. Zuzana Černeková

List of presentations

8.10. Martin Madaras

    Virtual Archaeologist: assembling the past
    Papaioannou, G.   Karabassi, E.-A.   Theoharis, T.   
    Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE, Mar/Apr 2001,vol.21(2), pp.53-59

15.10. Peter Galcik

     Text detection, localization, and tracking in compressed video
     Xueming Qian, Guizhong Liu, Huan Wang, Rui Su
     Signal Processing: Image Communication vol.22 (2007) pp. 752–768

List of papers

International Journal of Computer Vision


Human Motion Tracking with a Kinematic Parameterization of Extremal Contours
David Knossow • Rémi Ronfard • Radu Horaud


Michal Chladek
Modeling the World from Internet Photo Collections
Noah Snavely • Steven M. Seitz • Richard Szeliski


Detailed Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
M. Pollefeys • D. Nistér • J.-M. Frahm • A. Akbarzadeh • P. Mordohai • B. Clipp • C. Engels • D. Gallup • S.-J. Kim • P. Merrell • C. Salmi • S. Sinha • B. Talton • L. Wang •Q. Yang • H. Stewénius • R. Yang • G.Welch • H. Towles


Keypoint Detection and Local Feature Matching for Textured 3D Face Recognition
Ajmal S. Mian • Mohammed Bennamoun • Robyn Owens


Motion and Appearance Nonparametric Joint Entropy for Video Segmentation
Sylvain Boltz • Ariane Herbulot • Eric Debreuve • Michel Barlaud • Gilles Aubert


3D Urban Scene Modeling Integrating Recognition and Reconstruction
Nico Cornelis • Bastian Leibe •Kurt Cornelis • Luc Van Gool


3-D Depth Reconstruction from a Single Still Image
Ashutosh Saxena • Sung H. Chung • Andrew Y. Ng


Learning to Locate Informative Features for Visual Identification
Andras Ferencz • Erik G. Learned-Miller • Jitendra Malik


Mutual Information-Based 3D Object Tracking
Giorgio Panin • Alois Knoll


Pose Robust Face Tracking by Combining Active Appearance Models and Cylinder Head Models
Jaewon Sung • Takeo Kanade • Daijin Kim