The following three courses are taught by me:

1-AIN-636/2-AIN-636 Modern approaches to web design

  • Course opens in Winter semester 2010/2011.
  • First lecture: Mon 27 September 9:00 lecture room B
  • All three are the same course:
    • 1-AIN-636 Modern approaches to web design
    • 2-AIN-107 Modern web technologies
    • 1-INF-505 Hypermedia Systems (web technologies)
  • Course homepage: http://webdesign.courses.matfyz.sk/.
  • Official course info at faculty homepage. (Also in Slovak.)

Course surveys current trends in Web design, provides overview on currently available and ever emerging family of Web design technologies, techniques and tools, with emphasis on creating highly usable, accessible, and carefully balanced high quality Web pages in accordance with the W3C's recommendations.

Course briefly reviews DNS, URIs, HTTP, HTML/XHTML and concentrates on XML, XPath, XSLT, and advanced features of CSS in depth. Course also introduces SVG, and provides short review of most popular server-side and client-side extensions. Apart from technology, the course is largely concerned with issues of quality (accessibility and usability standards, typographic issues, writing style imposed and required by Web, browser incompatibility issues), current graphic design trends, current Web publication genres and themes (such as community portals, wikis and blogs), and production issues (dealing with large projects, site maintenance, security of web applications, SEO).

This is not a beginners' course. Pre-requirements: HTML (advanced), CSS (basic), server-side Web programming (basic). This is not a graphic design course. This is neither php, asp.net, javascript, ajax, nor flash course - we only mention these technologies marginally.

More information including the classification conditions on the course homepage.


2-AIN-108 Computational Logic

  • Course opens in Winter semester 2010/2011
  • More information on the course homepage


2-UIN-247 Web technologies in teaching

  • Course opens in Winter semester 2010/2011

This course is intended for students of informatics-educaiton. Details will be annouced soon, so stay tooned! ;-)


1-AIN-646 Description logics, ontologies and semantic web

  • Suspended for the school year 2010/2011.
  • Will reopen next school year.
  • Official course info at faculty homepage. (Also in Slovak.)
  • Evaluation: To be announced...

Brief course description: Aim of the course is to introduce students to ontology engineering and current semantic web ontology technology. Course explains description logics (DLs), RDF and OWL. Lectures concentrate on theory, but practical ontology engineering labs are part of the course as well.

Several DLs are explained in depth, starting from ALC, ranging to very expressive SHOIQ, including reasoning tasks, reasoning algorithms, and computational complexity. Second part of the course is concerned with current semantic web ontology technology: RDF and OWL. The semantics is explained and their inter-relations as well as relations to DLs are discussed.

Pre-requisites: Although not strictly required, some background in knowledge representation, logic, and computational complexity is an advantage. Please refer to KR course package page in our department hompage for more details and recommended courses.


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