My Students

This page provides useful information for students who are supervised by me and also for those who are looking for Bachelor or Master projects. It contains lists of my current and past students, list of open projects, and some tips on how the project work and supervising is organized. Quick links:

  1. My current students.
  2. Open projects
  3. General tips to my students.
  4. My past sudents.

Open bachelor/diploma projects

The following topics will be open in the school year 2012/2013. Please contact me if you are interested.

  1. Activity Tracking and Comparison Tool for Students' Wiki. The goal is to implement a mediawiki plugin suitable for tracking, comparing, and evaluating students' activity in a wiki. The plugin will be based on previous bachelor project which needs to be extended. (diploma or bachelor)
  2. Connection pooling in the native XML database Sedna. The PHP driver of the native XML database Sedna does not support the connection pooling technique. The goal of this project is to implement a new version of this driver that will add this feature. (diploma or bachelor)


My current students

Students whose Bachelor and Master projects are currently supervised by me:

  • Juraj Ďuďák is working on relation-driven tag browser from for the portal. (Co-supervision with Juraj Frank.)
  • Daniel Adam is working on the integrated learning management system (Co-supervision with Zuzana Kubincová.)
  • Stanislav Miklóšik is collecting available RDF data and building a data-set on the domain of Football and the FIFA World Cup.
  • Eva Lichnerová's task is to optimize the installation of the native XML DBMS Sedna that's powering
  • Roman Janajev is developing tools for students activity tracking in a wiki, to be used with our students' wiki at (Co-supervision with Zuzana Kubincová.)
  • Peter Pokojny is developing an events tracking system and deploying it on the portal.
  • Veronika Bejdová is analyzing the blogs of approx. 300 elementary and high school teachers who participated in the DVUi training last year. She's trying to figure out what they think about use of blogging as educational supporing tool. (Co-supervision with Zuzana Kubincová.)


General advice

If you want your project to be supervised by me, please consider that I will require:

  • Regular meetings.
  • Your thesis will be written in English.
  • If your project is related to the portal you will also actively participate in the portal (e.g., as blogger).
  • You may be asked to present your work to our research group or even outside the school on several occasions.

There is a great guide for students by Alan Bundy from University of Edinburgh. Do not hesitate to read it. I also put into your consideration the ancient Chinese philosophical tractatus Lun Yu, which collects discourses between the philosopher Confucius and his scholars. (Great Slovak translation. There is also a free online English translation, but it reads much harder.)


My past students

Students whose Bachelor and Master projects were supervised by me in the past.

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