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  • students with the thesis with a topic in Computer Graphics or with adviser doc.Ferko will get information about the seminar schedule at I4, or from doc.Ferko
  • students with RNDr. Nagyho as adviser will get info about their seminar at e-learning system at CPR.


  • group I, Wednesday, 15:40, I9, Andrej Blaho
  • group II, Wednesday, 15:40, H6, Pavel Petrovič
  • group III, projects of RNDr. Makek Nagy (info at CPR)
  • group IV, projects of doc. Andrej Ferko (info by doc. Ferko)
  • group V, computer graphics (info in room I4)
  • remaining, still unassigned students (must come to group I, or tell us their group number)!

important links

  1. Žáner as "bakalárske práce"
  2. Predmet as "aplikovaná informatika"
  3. "07 Fakulta matematiky, fyziky a informatiky"
  4. press Hľadať


  • more than 3 absences require statement from your doctor
  • everybody will give 3 presentations during the semester:
    • introduction to thesis field, and specification of your project
    • structure of the thesis design
    • practice of thesis defence
  • at least once a month you must provide a written confirmation from your adviser from your consultations
  • by March 14th, prepare a webpage about your bachelor project (send the URL by e-mail), the page must contain:
    • Project title, adviser
    • specification
    • links to resources and bibliography
    • dairy, which is updated every week
  • by 30.5. provide your final thesis complete at least to 70%
  • grading:
    • A can be earned only for perfect presentation, excellent web, final thesis in very good form
    • the grading will reflect any deficiences
    • to earn E, you need to fulfill these rules


  • March 14th webpages about all Bachelor projects
  • May 5th end of lectures in this semester
  • May 30th provide your final thesis complete to 70%
  • May 30th end of examination period for 3rd year students
  • June 13th official deadline for delivery of the final thesis


  • Andrej Blaho
  • Pavel Petrovič
  • Peter Borovský

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