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'''{{{name}}}'''<BR>('''{{{supervisor}}}''', {{{email}}})
'''{{{name}}}'''<BR>('''{{{supervisor}}}''', {{{email}}})
<div style="margin-left: 2em;">
<div style="margin-left: 2em;">
<div>''Specification:'' {{{specification}}}</div>
<div>''Preconditions:'' {{{preconditions}}}</div>
<div>''Preconditions:'' {{{preconditions}}}</div>

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({{{supervisor}}}, {{{email}}})

Specification: {{{specification}}}

Literature: {{{literature}}}

Preconditions: {{{preconditions}}}
Student: {{{student}}}


This is a template for a theme of bachelor, master or dissertation thesis. Use it as follows

   | name = preliminary name of thesis
   | supervisor = name and surname of the person who offers this theme
   | email = supervisor e-mail, use the word ‘at’ instead of ‘@’
   | specification = specification of the thesis
   | literature = books and papers, each on a separate line, started by <nowiki>#
  | preconditions = what is required on the student who aspires to perform
  | student = name and surname of the student who aspires to perform

An example to copy & paste:

   | name = MiniSumo
   | supervisor = Andrej Lúčny
   | email = lucny at
   | specification = 

riadenie LEGO robota do kategórie MiniSumo súťaže ISTROBOT (alebo aj inú kategóriu - chodenie po čiare, myš v bludisku) (platforma Java - Lejos), viď.

   | literature = 

# Arkin, R.: Behavior-based robotics. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass, 1998 (dodáme)
# Ferrari, M.: Building robots with LEGO Mindstorm, Syngress, 2002 (dodáme)

   | preconditions = Java
   | student = free