Fundamentals of Programming 2-IKV-105

Course information sheet

This course teaches the students the basics of programming using Python programming language. It focuses on fundamental concepts of programming like for example if statements, while cycle, for cycle, variables etc. This course also puts emphasis on concepts useful for students of cognitive science including numerical computations using NumPy, visualizations or basics of machine learning techniques using artificial neural networks.

Course schedule

Type Day Time Room Lecturer
Lecture Monday 10:40 I-9 Matúš Tuna
Labs Thursday 09:50 I-9 Matúš Tuna


Date Topic
24.09. Organization. (Lecture and labs CANCELLED, check your university mail)
01.10. Interactive shell, console input/output, expressions, variables.
08.10. If statements, lists, strings, logic.
15.10. While cycle, for cycle, list comprehensions.
22.10. Dictionaries, sets, objects.
29.10. Functions, arguments and scopes.
05.11. TBA
12.11. TBA
19.11. TBA
26.11. TBA
03.12. TBA

Course grading

  • Labs activity and participation (max. 20 points, 2 points for every excersise, -0.5 points for absence).
  • Final project (max. 30 points).
  • Overall grading: A (50-46), B (45-41), C (40-36), D (35-31), E (30-26), Fx (25-0).