Automated Reasoning about Context and Ontology Evolution

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Next Edition

ARCOE-Logic 2014 will be held on November 24-25, 2014 at EKAW 2014, Linköping, Sweden

Past Editions

- ARCOE-LogIC 2013 was held at LPNMR 2013, Corunna, Spain

- ARCOE-12 workshop was held at ECAI-12, Montpellier, France

- ARCOE-11 workshop at IJCAI-11, held in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

- Log-IC 2011 workshop at LPNMR 2011, held in Vancouver, Canada

- ARCOE-10 workshop at ECAI-10, held in Lisbon, Portugal

- ARCOE-09 workshop at IJCAI-09, held in Pasadena, California

- Log-IC 2009 workshop at LPNMR 2009, held in Postdam, Germany

Upcoming Related Events


Past Related Events

The following are past events related with ARCOE topics of interest:

Contexts and Ontologies

- MRC: Modeling and Reasoning in Context at KI-04, IJCAI-05, AAAI-06, CONTEXT-07, HCP-08, ECAI-10
- C&O: International Workshop on Contexts and Ontologies at AAAI-05, ECAI-06, CONTEXT-07, ECAI-08
- OM: Ontology Matching at ISWC-06, ISWC-07, ISWC-08
- WoMO: International Workshop on Modular Ontologies held annually since 2006

Commonsense and Non-Monotonic Reasoning

- Australasian Ontology Workshop at AI-10

- Commonsense and NMR for Ontologies at NMR 2010
- NMR: International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning at KR-06, KR-08, KR-10
- International Symposium on Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning biannual 98-present
- ARea: Advancing Reasoning on the Web: Scalability and Commonsense at ESWC 2008
- KROW 2008: Knowledge Representation Ontology Workshop at KR 2008

Automated Ontology Evolution

- WMM: Workshop on Matching and Meaning at AISB-09, AISB-10
- IWOD: International Workshop on Ontology Dynamics at ESWC-2007, ISWC-08, ISWC-09, ISWC-10
- OLP3: 3rd Workshop on Ontology Learning and Population at ECAI-08
- OnE 2007: Workshop on Ontology Evolution at BIS-07
- BOEMIE 2006: Workshop on Ontology Evolution and Multimedia Information Extraction at EKAW-06

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